Hey iPhone 4S Siri, do my shopping list

The iPhone 4S with Siri waiting for your command, writing a shopping list can sometimes be a pain in the back side, and you cannot be bothered to write a shopping list, then ask Siri to create one for you. Just with a few simple steps, the new voice assistant will have you a grocery list in no time at all.

Siri is a feature you love, hate or just use now and then for a little bit of fun, but for those that love using this new Voice assistant will be happy to know that you can create a shopping list thanks to TUAW.

People will always find a way to use Siri seriously instead of fun, there are many apps that can create a shopping list, so lets see how Siri can do this for you. Basically to cut a long story short Siri will create a shopping list via the Reminders app built in after the new iOS 5 update.

How to create a shopping list

1) Create “Shopping List” in the Reminders app, you must create a new list, this is simple to do where you just need tap the list editor icon in the top left hand corner of the main screen, then tap the edit button and select the new Create New List option.
2) Once number 1 is done, name the list “Shopping” or “Grocery”, and then tap the done button.
3) The new list is now created in the Reminders app, you can exit this app. Activate Siri and ask “Add Apple to the shopping list”, once you have said this to Siri it will then ask you if you would like to add this item, you just say yes and it adds it.

Each time you wish to add something to the shopping list you can do so by asking Siri.


4 thoughts on “Hey iPhone 4S Siri, do my shopping list”

  1. Lmustin says:

    I simply tell Siri to created a note called “shopping list” she reply “noted”. From there I tell her to add items as I think of them. She always reply “I’ve updated your note” then pulls up the note for viewing.

  2. medialint says:

    Thanks I was a little disappointed when I first asked Siri “add wood glue to my shopping list” and she told me I didn’t have a shopping list, that she’d just add it to my reminders. Of course I didn’t think to create the list! Now it works great. Also I thought about the note idea below and I’m glad that works too, I will probably use both methods for various lists depending on my need. Thanks all.

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