Mango update rolling out to all Windows Phone devices

If you are one of the Windows Phone faithful out there and wondering whether your smartphone will ever see the new Mango update, you just might like to know that all current Windows Phone handsets will be seeing the Mango update hit no matter which mobile carrier you are with.

According to an article over on Pocket Now, Eric Hautala posted to the Windows Phone Blog, that Microsoft is “delivering Mango to 100 percent of eligible phones around the world, regardless of carrier.”

Apparently as of the 26th Microsoft pushed out the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update to the Telefonica LG Optimus 7 handset, and are scheduling the Mango update for the Deutsche Telekom Samsung Omnia 7.

Basically Microsoft will push out the Mango update to everything “that is not listed as “scheduling” or “testing” on Where’s My Update?”

Furthermore apparently some Windows Phone handsets will see another firmware update that are specific to that particular device that will improve on performance, activate new extra features, and delivers some bug fixes, although this firmware update will depend on country, carrier and device model.

So there you have it, if you do own a Windows Phone device, you will receive the Mango update at some point so keep your eyes open for when it arrives in the next few days, and feel free to let us know when your handset gets the update and if everything goes ok by dropping us a comment below.

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