Samsung leapfrogs Apple to be Biggest Smartphone Vendor

Now here’s something for Apple to gripe about and for the Android faithful to brag about, apparently the iPhone maker is no longer the biggest smartphone vendor on the globe as rival old Samsung has now overtaken Apple to become the world’s biggest smartphone seller.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of Business Week, old Sammy issued their Q3 2011 financial report showing that the company shipped a nice 27.8 million smartphones and grabbing 23.8 percent of the market.

When it comes to rival Apple, the fruity company shifted 17.1 million in the same quarter pulling in 14.6 percent of the market and forcing Apple to take second place with Nokia coming in third position.

Analyst at IDC, T.Z. Wong says, Samsung has come out with products that appeal to all the different form factors and specifications out there. That is a strategy they have executed very well.”

Apparently Strategy Analytics wrote: “Samsung’s rise has been driven by a blend of elegant hardware designs, popular Android services, memorable sub-brands and extensive global distribution. Samsung has demonstrated that it is possible, at least in the short term, to differentiate and grow by using the Android ecosystem.”

Of course with Apple going all out the get Samsung gear banned across the globe, old Sammy’s reign as number one might not last that long. This does of course give thought as to just why Apple is so adamant on getting Samsung products banned, as I have said before its all about market share rather than patent infringement, look or feel.

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