Apple iPad Horror, a Halloween Treat: Video

Phones Review Halloween Quickie: Well folks as it is the spookiest day of the year and I’m sure you’ll all be getting your Halloween trick or treat costumes on later, we have a little Halloween magic video footage involving the Apple iPad for your viewing entertainment below featuring Simon Pierro and is simple called iPad Horror.

The iPad Horror video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Redmond Pie and by way of the iOSmagic YouTube page and delivers almost three minutes of Halloween magic with the iOS tablet to get you in that spooky mood for the festivities tonight.

In the footage below you’ll see Simon Pierro delivering a Halloween story whilst performing magic with the iPad like such things as pulling a clowns nose from the display, tipping candy from the Apple iPad, and even wiping blood from that tablet display onto a cloth, and even pulling a fleeing icon from the tablet, all rather clever albeit deceptive.

All seems to be quite magical, but as I’m sure you know there’s no such thing as magic, not even on Halloween as all is basically trickery, something that Halloween is famous for anyway, and if you want to get your kids in that spooky spirit before going out to torment the neighbours, sit them down to watch this video first.

That it, we here are Phones Review wish all our reader’s a happy and spooky Halloween, head on down and mash that play button and get in the sprit for some devilishly trick or treating action…enjoy.

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