Skyrim for iPad, are you game?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim release date is November 11, 2011, this will be released on Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows for PC and the PlayStation 3, but here is something worth considering, what about Skyrim for iPad, are you game?

The new role-playing video game “Skyrim” developed by Bethesda Game Studios is very interesting indeed, and follows the highly popular Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The main story to this game basically revolves around the player trying to defeat a dragon god who is bent on trying to destroy the world.

This new game is set 200 years after Oblivion and the gameplay looks astonishing, it will be an epic game on the three gaming platforms mention above but it would be fantastic to see it released in the future on the popular Apple iPad tablet PC, surely this is possible.

Could Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim work on the iPad? Ok the graphics will not be as perfect on the iPad as the Xbox, PX and PS3 but surely something close would be good enough, we believe the iPad frame-rate could handle the game.

The game is complex, there is no doubting that, but can you just imagine the sales if this were possible. Would you like to see Skyrim released on the iPad in the future? Please do use the commenting area provided below to have your say.


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  1. Dylan says:

    How the hell could you even play Skyrim on a touchscreen?  The game uses so many buttons and controls that I just don’t see how it could even begin to work without either adding an accessory to the iPad or completely revamping the gameplay to remove several elements of play.  

    1. Dirkblanchat says:

      Listen here geek, if you can come on this website and speak sh** to this guy that has more creativity in his fingernail then u do in ur body, then skyrim can DEFINATLY BE PLAYED ON THE IPAD.

      1. Dylan says:

        This is an excessively late reply, but your post interests me on a few levels.

        First, there is a difference between creativity and imagination. Imagination does not exist in the real world and therefore does not have to answer to reality. The same is not true of creativity. Creativity is about making something–applying imagination to reality. Crations have to be capable of really existing.

        I don’t think that a game as complicated as Skyrim can work WELL or ACCEPTABLY on an iPad. The problem I see is in the number of simultaneous imputs required as well as the amount of information that is already on the screen that would then have to also share space with all the controls. For example, a mage often has to press as many as five buttons at a single time. Say he is dual casting a spell (two triggers), avoiding attacks (left stick), tracking an enemy (right stick), and suddenly needs to do a fifth command without casting the spell, like jump or drink a potion or enter sneak or a number of other things. That would be awkward on a flat surface that offers no tactile feedback. It would also only be possible with multiple fingers on the screen and the iPad layed flat on a surface or in your lap. That already sounds like a horrid user interface.

        I own an iPad and an iPhone. Touchscreen interfaces do a great number of things much better than any other interface I’ve used, but they are not superior in every way. Touchscreens make three compromises: they offer no tactile feedback, and they sometimes force control imputs to occupy the screen which limmits the user’s information, and they are limmited in their ability to accept rapid or simultanious imputs.

        I’m currious as to why you are so deeply offended.

  2. Loststory08 says:

    What did I just read? While this guy is at it… lets suggest Battlefield 3 for Ipad as well, that sounds like a great idea… Author, just stick to ipad fanboyism and angrybirds. Leave the big-boy thinking/gaming for the rest of us…

  3. Anrikay says:

    Please no. Just no. For one, the iPad has less than 2gb of RAM. The PC MINIMUM is 4 gb. So right off the bat, they have to eliminate half of the game to meet the minimum requirements to play it. On top of that, the processing power, video card, etc., just cannot hold up to the size of a game such as Skyrim. On the PC, it requires a fairly good PC to meet the minimum requirements. On an X-Box and PS3, which have top-of-the-line processing power as capable today, the graphics have to be brought down. Even Wii-U, capable of HD, may not be able to handle Skyrim. On top of the technology problems, there is all the problems with NOT A CONTROLLER. So no, I would not like to see the most anticipated game of the year butchered to make it work for your iPad.

    1. Ram isn’t actually storage memory. The minimum GB of data iPads have is more than enough.

      Also, the Skyrim PC requirements are actually really modest compared to what the game entails.

      And PC games have had better graphics than consoles since like 2008. The Wii-U is by no means an exception, since the promised HD is comparable to what the other two big consoles already have.

      Still think Skyrim on the iPad is a horrible idea, though.

  4. Nijssjs says:

    Whatever it is the author of this article thinks is wrong. It is just not possible to experience a game like the elder scrolls on a tablet, no matter how powerful (frankly, no tablet no can even come close to matching the power of a gaming rig).

  5. Yes! says:

    I think if they get it to work, without butchering the game and play, then by all means bring it on! …. But as a 360 gamer AND an iPad gamer…. I’ll be playing that one on my XBox.

  6. Stevei_TT says:

    To all haters,

    Give the guy a break, he is just suggesting an idea, no need to get so angry about it,
    Yeah, it might not be such a good idea for controls and other stuff, just give the guy a break…

    And so what if the article isn’t spelt absolutely right and there are a few mistakes, I’ll bet not one person reading this has’t made a small mistake on something like this.

    Anyway, if they could pull it off, maybe getting rid of some of the quests and villages, it would be a really good idea, being an Xbox player as well though, I think it should stick to console.

    Yours sincerely,

    The anti-hater

  7. Imbobby74 says:

    Ipad3 is said to have a quad core proccessor so i am sure that could handle it easy. Seeing as the Xbox is almost 7 years old, plus Morrowind was on the 1st Xbox. Arolon is out for ios right now and runs perfect on my old iphone 4. I tell my nephew I am playing Oblivion on my iphone and he believes me because it looks sweet.

  8. Dameon Grey says:

    I would love it. I know that some of my larger games take up a huge chunk of space, and it seems like the larger they are the more difficult it is to operate the game without it crashing, but I also have some games that use the Internet to store some of your progress. Granted, I would need Internet when ever I ay the game, I wouldn’t mind them using an online account like game center to store my saves. I would take care of the space issue. I wild hate for it to be a smaller version. I would want it to be just as expansive as the Xbox game.

  9. Tomcorp45 says:

    That would be amazing, to play one of my favourite games on my portable iPad. Even cooler if I could use my iPhone 4 as the controller and my iPad as the console! 😀

  10. -- says:

    I like how people are desperately pleading “pleasssseeeee” down there as if the guy who wrote this has any control over what bethesda does.

  11. R443D says:

    Hey android lovers! iPad is better. I know what ur thinking. iPad couldn’t run something that complex but a game with lower graphics is possible. Bethesda should really consider making elder scrolls online for iPad because there are already apps like order and chaos online which work perfectly

  12. Mason says:

    Yea, all you Hester’s need to stfu. Skyrim for iPad would be cool, and would probably sell a lot. And if y’all really hate the article and all, why would you waste your time writing about it.

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