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At last, GarageBand for iPhone has been released. You can now turn your iPhone into the best collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio; you will be able to use the smartphone’s Multi-Touch gestures to play basses, guitars, organs, drums and pianos.

This is by far the best app download for the iPhone to date, GarageBand has been optimised for the iOS device and now features: Support for 3/4 and 6/8 time signatures, Transpose songs in semitones or full octaves, Reset song key without transposing original recordings, New audio export quality settings for AAC and AIFF (Uncompressed), Create custom chords for Smart Instruments, plus Arpeggiator available in Smart Keyboard, Adjustable velocity settings for Touch Instruments and Additional quantization options for recordings including, straight, triplet and swing.

The update also includes many enhancements; including improved audio import options and automatic fade out.

Users can now plug their instrument into the iPhone, and get the music pumping; users can now play through the awesome classic amps and stompbox effects.

For more information and the full features list, please visit iTunes or go directly to your App Store via your Apple iPhone. We always ask this “Please send in your personal reviews if you have this app installed already” thanks.


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  1. Samvit Menon says:

    “There’s a lady who’s sure, all that glitters is gold,
    And she’s buying a stairway to heaven.”

    These are probably some of the greatest lines ever written in rock n’ roll history. How many times have we tried picking up the chords which Jimmy Page had so masterfully created, how many times have we tried rending out the vocals, completely discarding Robert Plant’s genius, how many times have we tried putting together the pieces and recorded the track, just to see if we have done justice to this anthem? And how many times have we given up, saying that our arrangement just wasn’t good enough? Either we didn’t have the right recording resources or there was always some backing instrument missing. Doing justice to a rock anthem such as this needs some serious work, some major coordination and most importantly some impeccable talent. An entire band recreating a masterpiece is hazardous enough, let alone one single person doing it on his own. Well, have you heard of Garage Band? It’s this amazing app on iPhone and iPad which helps you do just that!

    Well, this app converts your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a full fledged recording studio equipped with guitars, basses, synthesizers and drums. It lets you make your own music, play an instrument of your choice even if you have never touched it, ever! It’s got 9 amps and 10 stomp box effects. So, if you’re already a guitar pro, all you need to do is plug in your electric guitar and create magic.You can even use the built in microphone to record a performance or live act or for that matter your own voice to which you can add your very own effects. You could even recreate Jon Bonham’s insane drum riffs using an inbuilt acoustic or electric drum kits, even if you don’t know what I’m talking about! They’ve got Smart Drums too, which basically means you can drag drum instruments onto a grid and make your own beats.

    So what if you ain’t exactly Robert Plant! You can still sing, arrange and mix your song using the inbuilt audio recordings and loops. Like any recording studio or software, you can cut, trim and fine tune your numbers using the mixer in this app. There are over 250 professionally recorded loops which allows you to add backing vocals, riffs and solos to your song. Well, what do you know! With the kind of features this amazing app is loaded with, you just might end up sounding like Robert Plant! So, don’t stop believing! At the end of it all, you can share your song with your buddies. The AAC format recording allows you to email your track or even upload your track onto you mac or PC. You can open a song using Garage Band and refine or modify it to your liking. 

    The user reviews on this app speak for itself. Pro musicians use this app even during live shows, amateurs call this the best app on the app store ever and a few even call it an exceptionally easy and powerful app. It has also been suggested not to waste money buying other music related apps when there’s an app such as this since it covers all the major features one would look for. At $5, you practically have instruments and features worth $1000!!! Take my word for it guys, if you love your music, this app is a must have for you for it kicks all other musics apps’ butt to oblivion! 

    The only drawback I can think of is that it’s a 500Mb app and could almost take forever to download and install into your device. One other problem users might face is battery consumption while using this app. either you’ll have to use this app keeping your phone on charge or else be prepared to charge your phone every now and then. But having said that, these should not, under any circumstance deter you from having this app on your apple device.

    So, take out your lighters and raise your rock fists and groove to your own rock and roll numbers!!!
    Posted by: Samvit G. MenonROVERSIDE APPS 

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