Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus Black Friday release possibility

Verizon may not release the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android ICS smartphone, until just after Black Friday. The G-Nex may launch on or around Black Friday, the Razr went on pre-order October 27th and the Rezound is expected to be released between November 10th-14th.

If you visit Droid-Life, they have a screenshot of phones models and release dates, and looking at it shows that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus could drop before or on Black Friday. So does this mean those waiting on the new smarphone with Verizon, will have to wait another 2 weeks or so?

This is pure marketing strategy, release before Black Friday and people will not be interested, as other deals will be going on, release after the shopping deals and everyone will want one.

We will keep you notified on this one, at the moment it is all hear say if the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone will release before, during or after Black Friday.

Keep coming back as we will post updates, whilst you wait please do let us know you think on the above news.

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