Best iPhone 4S Saftey Cases: New Otterbox iProtection

The Apple iPhone 4S has been designed very well, but drop it and the glass will smash, it is not what you call a highly protected smartphone like the Android plastic ones. So we decided to hunt around to find the best iPhone 4S safety cases, and by doing this we found a press release talking about the new Otterbox iProtection cases for this handset.

We here at Phones Review reported back on October 18th, that the Samsung Galaxy S II is more durable than the iPhone 4S; this was test with the iPhone 4S drop test. The iPhone 4S may not be great when dropped, but Otterbox have come to the rescue with some stunning cases.

Otterbox iProtection comes in four types, the first is the OtterBox Defender Series, claiming to be the best and ultimate bodyguard for the iPhone 4S, they are made of hardwearing, and durable polycarbonate shell and robust silicone outer layer.

Next up is the Otterbox Reflex Series, these cases are made from a single layer of polycarbonate and rubber, the reflex zones on the case are located on the corners, which absorbs bumps and drops etc.

There is the Impact Series and then last but not least is the OtterBox Commuter Series, for full details on these stunning iPhone 4S safety Otterbox iProtection cases, please read the full press release here.

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