Apple inventors depositions demand by Samsung

Well it looks like old Samsung is stepping up their game in the continuing patent lawsuit saga with Apple, as we have already heard old Sammy has demanded the iPhone 4S source code along with info on Apple subsidies agreed with Australian carriers, and now Samsung has set their sights on key Apple design inventors.

According to an article over on Redmond Pie by way of Edible Apple, the Apple verses Samsung case is due to go for trial in July of next year and Samsung has demanded depositions from such Apple inventors as Jony Ive, Christopher Stringer, Shin Nishibori and Douglas Satzger.

Obviously most already know of Jony Ive, whilst Satzger has been in Apple’s employ for 12 years and has worked on the original iMac, the iPhone 4S, iPod, Apple iPad and Macbooks, whilst both Nishibori and Stringer have their name on numerous Apple patents.

These Apple inventor depositions were to be completed by the 1st of this month however all four Apple inventors apparently can’t attend the deposition, and here are the reasons given…

“Mr. Satzger is a former Apple employee represented by separate counsel. He is unable to sit for deposition before November 1 because, during the month of October, his lawyer has a full deposition schedule in a separate class action matter.

Mr. Nishibori is unable to sit for deposition before November 1 because he currently is on a voluntary leave of absence from Apple.

Mr. Ive is unable to sit for deposition before November 1 for personal reasons.

Mr. Stringer is unable to sit for deposition before November 1 because of work and scheduling conflicts.”

So there you go that’s the latest development in the continuing fight between these two smartphone and tablet giants, and no doubt this battle will continue for some time yet rather than both companies stop behaving like kids and getting round a table to thrash things out once and for all and get back to the real business of delivering exceptional tech gadgets, besides does anyone other than Apple really care if one tablet looks like another?

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