Nokia Lumia 800 too expensive claims Telefonica exec

I’m pretty sure most in the world knows by now that Nokia is launching their first Windows Phone devices the Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710, however apparently there one carrier you wont be able to pick up the Nokia Windows Phone Mango devices from and that is O2 or any other Telefonica regional carrier.

Why you may ask, well according to the guys over at The Next Web, Simon Lee-Smith, Telefonica’s European general manager believes the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 handsets are too expensive.

Speaking with Telecom.com Lee-Smith claims that Nokia premium devices are “not yet at the right price point,” and if Nokia wishes to sell their smartphones in volume the company would “need to bring out devices which are cost-competitive.”

Lee-Smith also said that Nokia was “beginning to listen” to carrier customer and he expects Nokia to deliver “more commercially effective” devices in the new year and went on to state that the problem relates to such devices as the Nokia N8 and Nokia N9 that have been available for some time as well as the recently announced Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone.

Lee-Smith went on to say, “All device manufacturers seem to think that a €400-plus device is the norm. Well, it isn’t. Customers and operators won’t pay that cost for a device which doesn’t differentiate sufficiently.”

Last month during Nokia World, Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO stated that the first Nokia Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 800 would retail for 420 Euros pre-tax and pre-subsidy.

Lee-Smith further added that just improving smartphone specs isn’t sufficient, operators in general and Telefonica in particular will not pay premiums due to vendors delivering smartphones with higher resolution cameras and bigger displays, and says, “Let’s not let the technology and cost curve ahead of the demand curve.”

So, what do our readers think on this matter, do you agree with Lee-Smith that the Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710 is too expensive for the market, or do you feel that 420 Euros price is about right for the handsets, or more importantly are you prepared to shell out €420 for the Lumia 800?

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13 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 800 too expensive claims Telefonica exec”

  1. Mat_fisk says:

    Although the 800 is showing up at the £26 per month price point in the UK, the bundle of minutes/data is pretty poor at the price point (250mb only). Sim free, this looks like it’s going to be around £440, which is only £60 shy of an iPhone 4s – not enough to get people away from looking at the Apple ecosystem, and not low enough to compete with high-end Android handsets (Galaxy SII can be had for £400 sim-free, and as low as £26 a month with unlimited data).

    1. the 16gb 4s is £500 the cheapest contracts come in at £750 total price the lumia is 400 sim free less on pay as you go and total cost of a contract comes to about £450. so sim free you save £100 if you have a contract you save more like £300. And for your info the deal i got has 500mb but for £3 a month more i could go unlimited but i dont use it so no point. So to put it another way after 18 montsh of paying £10 a month less avg i can then upgrade again whilst iphone owners are still looking at another 6 months.

      the lumia is also well on par with the iphone 4s aswell as far as speed comes in plus the battery lasts about twice as long and the antenna kicks it around the park.  As for the ang user ie 90% of the population wp7.5 smashes android its faster smoother and easier to use with better battery better desktop software and is not a battery hogging and over complicated.

  2. Sharkit says:

    @90caa49e6ca647abdfb1627665e9f85a:disqus the calculations I did put it £170 cheaper than the iPhone 4s, maybe you were looking at the 4 or 3g?

    Personally I think it’s amazingly priced, I was expecting it to be at least £100 more, or require a £30+ contract.

    I am super-pissed because my contract with 02 just ended and I had planned to get this phone. Guess I’ll have to go to Orange or buy it outright.

    1. Mat_fisk says:

      Direct from Apple, iPhone 4s is £499 for the 16gb model taking over the price point of the 4, which is now £429 for an 8gb model. That’s only £60 less than the cheapest I’ve seen the the Lumia 800 available for, although if you compare contracts then yes it does work out to be a larger saving because of the restrictions I believe Apple puts on providers to not subsidise the handset cost.

      1. Sharkit says:

        Sorry I was sure the iPhone was £599, I got confused with the 32gb model.

        But when you buy it on contract the difference is quite a bit greater.

        I’m still frustrated with o2 though. They were brave and took up Android before anyone else, but now are going the other way with WP7 (I realise they have other WP phones, but not this Nokia which to my eyes is by far the nicest phone out there atm*).

        * – ok on many levels the N9 is better, but Meego as a platform isn’t as appealing to me.

  3. This cool phone comes with 3.7 inch AMOLED screen, and a 8 Megapixel CARL Zeiss camera!! And Mango!! With over 500 updates and most stable Windows Mobile OS I have ever seen. And it cheaper than the latest iPhone 4s. What are you waiting for!

  4. Simon Lee-Smith obviously does not believe in the free enterprise system and wants to manage the demand-supply curves. He does not deserve to run any company. Maybe, he should apply for a job with the Obama administration.

  5. thats a joke from the most expensive provider in the UK and it wouldnt be so bad if there service wasnt suck a joke! he says its to expensive yet i was able to pre order mine on tmobile on 18 months at £25 a month inc data 300mins 300 texts. If they can manage it maybe O2 can or is it more them throwing there toys out the pram cos Nokia shunned them for the launch after O2 refused to give the device proper promotion. O2 = cr4p poor covarage slow data most expensive tarrifs bad customer services incompatent staff and they are arragent and cr4p all over there loyal customers. Best thing for Nokia is to stay clear well clear

  6. Jeb says:

    What a funny little moron, So he believes Apple and Samsung are the the right price point.
    What kind of a idiotic makes comments like this about Nokia phones?

  7. Anonymous says:

    OK then, the iphone 4s: £500, samsung GS2: £450, Nokia Lumia 800: £399, all at standard prices. and considering that windows phone have seriously upped their game with 7.5 (to face the likes of iOS and Android, i would say that this phone…a top of the  market phone… is a really good deal.

  8. La_scapie says:

    What are you waiting for? I simply cancelled with o2 and got my gorgeous lumia free on Orange! O2 is run by a bunch of copycats with no mind of their own! Supplying the first iPhone doesn’t make them Apple just in case they haven’t realised that!
    They lost so much money when they signed for the iPhone deal and now these giant babies want go bully Nokia! No wonder why do many people are moving to other networks!
    I’ve never been a fan of orange but this idiotic comment made the move a very easy decision!
    I got the phone on orange and im writing this post from my new phone!!!
    Thanks Nokia, Microsoft and Orange!!!
    Bye O2 and be sure to see all my family and friends leaving U too… And that’s just the beginning!

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