Apple iPad 3 to sport modified backlight for higher res displays

The next generation iOS slate from Apple is rumoured to have a higher resolution display, or at least that’s what Apple is looking for, and manufacturers have been struggling to come up with a near Retina-like display that we have previously reported on. However that higher res display rumour may be on the cards if this rumour turns out to be true.

According to the guys over at The Next Web by way of Digitimes, according to “sources” at BLU makers, two vendors have offered Apple the option of 2 alternate backlight solutions for the next generation iOS slate, which presumably is the Apple iPad 3.

Apparently said alternative backlight solutions will enable the next generation tablet to be made differently in order to sport a consistent resolution of 2048 x 1536.

The Apple iPad 2 uses a single LED light bar however modifications to the new iPad will keep the “strength of brightness” of the panels, which means Apple can either stay with the single bar along with adding 2 LED chips or opt for a double LED light bar.

Apparently the unnamed source claims that Apple is likely to “adopt the design using dual light bars,” and also says that BLU makers have now solved the issue with battery consumption and heat dispensation for said dual light bar design.

The displays that have previously been rumoured for the Apple iPad 3 are said to deliver 264 pixels PPI, double that of the Apple iPad 2 and closer to the 326 pixel PPI of the iPhone 4S.

However, a recent rumour claims that there is a possibility that the next iOS tablet to be released by Apple will not be the Apple iPad 3 but rather an upgraded Apple iPad 2 with longer battery life and slimmer profile, so just when Apple will deliver the iPad 3 still remains a mystery.

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