AT&T Call International iOS app available

If you are an owner of the iPhone and wish to call abroad inexpensively and you are on the AT&T network, you can now do so with a new iOS app from AT&T called AT&T Call International, which enables the user to make inexpensive long distance international calls from their iPhone in the United States.

The AT&T Call International app for the iPhone features no monthly recurring charges, minute packages to purchase or hidden call fees, no special codes or pins are required, the ability to dial friends and family right from the iPhone contact list, and billing direct to your credit card.

According to the app page on iTunes, “Enjoy our lowest international calling rates to more than 220 countries.¹. Rates are just 2¢ per minute to Canada and as low as 4¢ per minute to wirelines in countries like China, France, Germany and the U.K.”

Once you download the free AT&T Call International app you need to follow the instructions to set up your own AT&T Call International account, and once done you are ready to begin making inexpensive international calls by opening the app, dial the international number with the AT&T Call International dialling pad and then hit call.

The AT&T Call International app will then route your call over the wireless network to the AT&T Call International Gateway using a routing number that will show up on your display and will then complete the call.

For those wishing to take advantage of the AT&T Call International app it is available to download to your device for free by hitting up iTunes.

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2 thoughts on “AT&T Call International iOS app available”

  1. Ask says:

    AT&T did everything to screw up customers ever possible with this app:

    1. No WiFi calls in US. So, if you are in dead zone, but have wifi (good description of house, no?) – you are out of luck.
    2. When you travel internationally – they charge 10c/min (THATS A LOT!!!, like 10x a lot) for calls to US!!! (actually US is one of most EXPENSIVE destinations on their list).
    3. And no incoming calls over WiFi. So you have to rely on roaming to get your incomings!

    1. JS says:

      10 cents a minute is quite cheap compared to $3.99 rack rate for iphone international calling or the $1.99/minute rate you can buy down to with a plan. Still 10 cents a minute is cheap.  It’s a great deal.

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