Galaxy Nexus from Amazon UK shipping delayed

Phones Review Quickie: Oh dear, if you are a resident in the United Kingdom and were of a mind to snap up the SIM free Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Amazon UK on the 17th of this month it appears you are right out of luck as Amazon UK has now moved the shipping dates for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone.

According to the guys over at Phandroid, the shipping date for the SIM free version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has now been changed to the 2nd of December by Amazon UK, so if you have pre-ordered the Android phone looks like you won’t be seeing the handset until then.

However Amazon UK moving the shipping date for the SIM free model doesn’t mean other will not see the device in the UK as of the 17rth of the month as Samsung has already confirmed that date.

Apparently though this isn’t the first time Amazon has shifted the goal posts when it comes to shipping dates for the Galaxy Nexus or anything could happen between now and the 2nd of December, but as it stand if you have pre-ordered from Amazon UK you are currently out of luck and should expect a wait.

Any of our UK readers pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Nexus SIM free and are now affected by this shipping delay? If so feel free to voice your annoyance to our comments area below.

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5 thoughts on “Galaxy Nexus from Amazon UK shipping delayed”

  1. Markgs_uk says:

    I haven’t pre-ordered a Galaxy Nexus but if this is true it still annoys me. I’m getting tired of all the ‘leaks’ and manufactured hype surrounding these phones. It seems like they’re all trying to copy apple by leading us on for ages before actually giving us what we want.

  2. Anonymous says:

    reports of the same happening to the lumia as well

    its good in some ways – seems to indicate that the interest level in contract phones is enough to pull stock for sim free.

  3. Mark Wheadon says:

    If it’s not available then Amazon can’t ship it — why get annoyed at Amazon? They put it up on the site with an available date based on what they’ve been promised, and then that date slips so they put up a new revised date. What else could they do? They’re a supplier, not the manufacturer.

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