Barnes and Noble Nook tablet price & specs: Root me

Barnes and Noble (B&N) officially announced the new Nook tablet recently, which is the next model up from the Nook Color. Android hackers favour these tablets, because they are easy to flash custom ROMs to. The new tablet is crying out the words “Root Me”, but can it be rooted?

B&N dropped the price of the Nook Color to only $199, the reason for this is to make more room on the shelves for the new Nook Tablet, main features on this device should be enough to go up against the Kindle Fire or even the Apple iPad.

Main features include: It offers just that little extra than the Kindle Fire, for example, it comes with a 7-inch display, has the same design as the Nook Color, 1GHz dual core processor, 16GB of storage, micro SD card slot, 1GB of RAM, 11.5 hours of battery life and Netflix integrated.

It will also have free access to AT&T and B&N wifi hotspots; there will be a new Nook Cloud feature, and the ability to stream via Hulu Plus.

The price of the Nook Tablet will be priced at $249.99, only $50 more than the Kindle Fire, the B&N tablet comes with twice as much onboard storage that the Kindle Fire, it will also come running Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Would be nice to see someone rooting it, time will tell after release. Please root me to Honeycomb, no please let is be ICS.

Source – RootzWiki

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