Choice Time: Motorola Droid Razr, HTC Rezound or Galaxy Nexus

Phones Review reader choice: Three new smartphones have now been officially announced, and we would like to know what one you would choose to own. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, HTC Rezound and the Motorola Droid Razr.

We here on Phones Review have had many emails asking about these phones, and they have mentioned what smartphone they would choose, so we thought we would ask the question on here so that you can comment your answer below.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was always the firm favourite, until the Droid Razr and Rezound were announced. All of these mobile phones are now releasing soon and official; so what one would you choose.

We do not need to go into details about each smartphone, we have reported news on all three of them. So what handset will you want to own? Please do post your answer in the commenting area provided below.


21 thoughts on “Choice Time: Motorola Droid Razr, HTC Rezound or Galaxy Nexus”

  1. Gramps says:

    Razr.  Getting one in 4 days.   Can’t beat that slick design and light weight with the durability of kevlar and gorilla glass.  Also has the best battery life of the three on paper. 

    1. King Kong says:

      You sure about genius? It’s already being reported that the battery life sucks and with no removable battery…..that’s a major fail again for Motorola.

  2. Blueeyed Teacher says:

    WWould have been the G-Nex but Samsung still has no firm release date in the states. Had a hands on experience with the Razr and all I can say is WOW! I would like to play with the Rezound before I make a final decision. What I can say for certain is that Samsung may have lost my business forever with their most recent release delay stunt. Their loss is either Motorola’s or HTC’s gain.

  3. Droid RAZR 2011 says:

    The fact of the matter is no Mayer which phone you choose you will get a powerhouse. The Google Nexus is obviously ahead in terms of OS and in some ways even with screen resolution with its 720p true HD. This though is where everything else becomes matter of choice over functionality. The Motorola Droid RAZR is, out of the three choices, the only one that boast a steel subframe, kevlar, and nano coated water resistant gorilla glass all packed in the razor thin package. HTC Rezound comes somewhere in the shadow of the major front runners as it does seem to feature comparable specs but lacks in originality and hardcore innovation. Where the Nexus send to shine brightest is in its complete lack of bloatware with its vanilla ICS. In terms of offered perks though, it losses its edge. Why Samsung would choose to exclude a microSD slot and settle for a 5mega pixel shooter boggles the mind. It is at this pint Motorola begins to shine. Most who own a smart phone have a thirst to add personal selections like they’re going out of style so this is where the possibility to add an additional 32 gigs of memory comes in handy. 8 mega pixel is standard nowadays so this is a great move by Moto. In terms of design, the only two in the ring are Samsung and Motorola. The Nexus with it’d curved glass and the RAZR with its 7.1mm thinnest. So where does HTC stand? This will be the real question. HTC has a few great things to offer but its no different from the last few it had released. Granted, Beats audio is best of class and the 1.5 GHz is welcomed over the other twos 1.2 GHz processors. But all in all, that’s all they have to offer over the other two contenders.

    So where do I stand in all of this? Well, I feel that the Samsung Google Nexus is more hype than innovation aside from its bigger higher resolution screen and bloatware free disposition. I do however like the fact that it is Google to the core. The Motorola RAZR… Well its Motorola build quality at its best and thin enough to make you wonder just how they fit all that power into such a thin package. Should they have tried a little harder to up the power of the processor, improve the picture quality, and pushed for ICS? I think yes. If they had neither of the other choices would even be a factor. HTC Rezound for me is truly not a factor. It simply lacks innovation. My choice is going to be the Motorola Droid RAZR. For me it comes down to brand familiarity. My first phone was a Motorola and nearly every phone I’ve owned since has been too. I love the build quality and the dedication to detail and innovation. Come 11.11.11 @ 11:11 I will be mobbing from my OG Motorola Droid to the latest and finest Droid since its inception.

  4. Ph.Add says:

    Smart phones have evolved to a point that finding differentiation is really splitting hairs. Picking a phone is like picking clothes, it is all personal preference. 

    They all do the same things. The speed difference is measured in half second, does that really matter to you when you are just browsing web to kill time? The thickness difference is measured in mm, does it make that much difference when you hold the phone or put it in your pocket?

    The battery performance is also close, how you use it matters more than the size of the battery.

    We geeks and nerds need to get a life. 

  5. HTC! says:

    REZOUND. Rezound has the best pixel resolution out of the 3 with 720p hd and a 4.3 inch screen. the Nexus is way too big. 4.65 inch phone will not be comfortable in my hands

  6. M3incorp says:

    It’s interesting at we’re we are with making a decision on how we decide to buy a phone. Battery life is an issue for many and of course a real concern. I’d be willing to bet that all three will have similar battery life. Does removable battery really make a difference. Think about it, for the non removal batteries, it means you buy a car charger and an AC charger for home and work. For the phones with removable battery, it means you buy a spare battery and spare battery charger if available. I know that I “usually” use my phone near a power supply in either a building or vehicle. Where I go camping and fishing, I don’t get reception anyway so that removes it from the equation. It’s going to boil down to personal taste. As for me, I will handle all three multiple time and make my decision based on that. Does ICS out of the box really make a difference. I know I use my phone to talk, text, or surf the Internet and they all do that remarkably well I would assume. ICS will be on other phones in a matter of time, so again I would buy the one I prefer…….I bet some of you aren’t using Win7 on your computers so the newest OS must be better theory isn’t necessarily true. Buy the phone that you have confidence in.

  7. Speed9design says:

    My new RAZR arrives tomorrow morning.
    I am really excited about this phone.  
    This is the leading edge in design that incorporates current technology.  
    There are other great phones like the Nexus but this is the slender
    powerhouse I’ve been waiting for.
    The great thing this year is all the great choices.  You can pick any of these
    top-end phones and you won’t be disappointed!

  8. I was thinking galaxy nexus until I heard they were going with a pentile screen.  HTC Rezound has the best screen of the 3 and thats what I’m buying.  Screen quality is more important than everything else IMO!

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