iPhone 4S receives Consumer Reports recommendation

Way back when Apple launched the iPhone 4 with all its antenna issues Consumer Reports would not recommend the iPhone 4 to customers, having said that it didn’t stop the iPhone 4 becoming a big success as expected and as far as I am aware Consumer Reports still doesn’t recommend the iPhone 4; However with the iPhone 4S it is a different matter.

According to an article over on The Next Web, the iPhone 4S has now received Consumer Reports recommendation that says that the iPhone 4S performed “very well” in their tests and albeit the iPhone 4S being virtually the same design as the iPhone 4 the iOS smartphone doesn’t suffer from the same reception problems as the previous handset.

Consumer Reports states, “Overall, the new iPhone 4S scores higher in the Ratings than the iPhone 4, thanks to such enhancements as an upgraded camera, a faster “dual-core” processor, and the addition of the intriguing Siri voice-activated feature, which accepts and responds to verbal commands in a conversational manner, using a synthetic-sounding female voice.”

However, apparently the “pulses” weren’t enough for the iPhone 4S to “outscore” new Android smartphones in their ratings with such Android handsets as the Samsung Galaxy S II, Motorola Droid Bionic and other Android based handsets with larger displays and ability to run on a 4G network are the top scorers.

So there you have it, customers can now be confidant that Consumer Reports recommends the iPhone 4S even though it still can’t match the top score of rival Android handsets.

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