HTC Edge may have the edge with quad core processor

There’s a new Android smartphone on the horizon from the HTC camp that has juts has its image revealed that will apparently be HTC’s first quad core smartphone and that smartphone goes by the name the HTC Edge and will apparently be the successor to the only recently unveiled HTC Rezound.

According to the guys over at Pocket Now, a reliable source of theirs states the “ Edge is a premium handset incorporating the latest mobile technologies.”

So what does the HTC Edge offer? Well apart from that quad core processor, the device sports a 4.7-inch display with an 8 megapixel backlit camera with f/2.2 lens, 720p video, possibly Bluetooth 4.0, and possibly 32GB internal storage.

The main improvement is of course four 1.5 GHz cores whereas the HTC Rezound offers just two, and word is the HTC Edge may come out to play sporting new HTC services including HTC Read bookstore, HTC Play gaming hub, HTC Listen music store, and HTC Watch movie portal and apparently will be one of the first devices to pack HTC Sense 4.0.

The HTC Edge will also come packing Beats Audio, however just which Android operating system the handset will carry is currently a mystery, one would have presumed that the device would pack Android Ice Cream sandwich although this hasn’t been confirmed, but if it doesn’t then no doubt it will see an update in due course.

The expected arrival of the HTC Edge is either late in Q1 or early in Q2, and thus far there has been no mention as to whether the HTC Edge will be able to play nice on 4G LTE, although the guys say that could come via carrier specific variants, more on the HTC Edge as and when we hear.

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