iPhone 4S Cases: Vooma Peel PG920 for jailbreakers only

If you own the Apple iPhone 4S or iPhone 4, and you need an extra SIM card slot, then we have some great news covering the new Vooma Peel PG920 case. This accessory adds a second SIM card slot to your iDevice.

It was TechCrunch that reported on this information first, and soon as we set eyes on it we thought our readers would love to know a little bit about it.

Vooma has worked on many different products, and one you will know them for is the iPod touch Peel 3G case, there are many cases like this, but this one is much better to look at. Looks stylish and sleek.

The Vooma Peel PG920 case is compatible with the new iPhone 4S (Sort of), which is great news. Now comes the very bad news, are you sitting down. This case is for jailbreakers only; your iPhone has to be jailbroken for the second SIM slot to work.

This is rather crazy considering there is no jailbreak yet for the iPhone 4S, we did say it was compatible with the 4S and it is, if and when it gets jailbroken, which will happen within time. If you own the iPhone 4, you can use this product. Please visit Vooma for more information.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 4S Cases: Vooma Peel PG920 for jailbreakers only”

  1. hsi says:

    I wonder if you could help me as I’ve recently bought one for your lovely product but I’m having some difficulties with the following settings:

    1).Messages received. Can’t read them, the normal text received is received in just letters,numbers and symbols which doesn’t make sense. And they disappear as soon as the software is moved from the screen.
    2) All call numbers disappear as soon as the software is moved moved from the screen.

    Looking forward hearing from you

    Many thanks

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