Nokia N9 PR1.1 MeeGo update brings huge goodies

This is huge; the Nokia N9 will see updates rolling out to it in the form of the promised PR1.1 MeeGo update. If you own the Nokia N9 you will be pleased that you can now download the new rollout, it will be released in waves so please do not panic if you do not get it straight away.

The new Nokia N9 PR1.1 MeeGo brings huge goodies, and it not your typical bug fix update. This one brings many new improvements and features, such as NFC tag reading ability and better memory handling.

The update also brings photo and video shooting with colour filters, powerful multitasking capabilities, noise cancellation to help reduce background noise, Swype, faster Mail for Exchange syncing, charging and calendar indications, it also gives the handset the standby screen and a whole lot more.

Keep checking your Nokia N9 for the PR1.1 MeeGo update, this one is massive and we would like you to comment below on what you think about it, thanks.

Source — The Verge


5 thoughts on “Nokia N9 PR1.1 MeeGo update brings huge goodies”

  1. Filled_94 says:

    Got mine today. Awesome device, proper Linux with root access no less.
    For me its most important that the phone remains very stable after the update. Also, very happy to say, I haven’t come across a single bug thus far!

  2. Kiren says:

    anyone heard when the update comes to the UK? I bought my N9 in Vietnam last week and now I’m back in the UK i’m not sure where I stand with firmware updates. any advice greatly appreciated

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