Sprint & T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II screen problems

Reports are coming in via customers that their T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II displays are experiencing screen problems. It has come to light that SGSII users are having issues and a couple of forum threads going into deep detail about T-Mobile and Sprint variants of the smartphone.

XDA Forums have two separate threads talking about these issues, one talks about how you can reproduce screen issues, updated 3x results of detailed testing (some phones), and the other thread looks at comparing the screen quality against Sprint SII (XDA 1XDA 2).

In a nutshell there are problems with colour reproduction and contrast levels, a few customers have come forward reporting that they have had blobs and lines pop up, this is occurring when viewing the screen with the brightness turned right up when in dark rooms.

Developers are looking at a fix for the above issues, so be patient if you are having any screen problems. Please try out the simple test below, it basically allows you to reproduce the simple test.

1. Download the blobs.jpg to your phone. A copy of blobs.jpg is attached here. Or simply point the browser on your phone to: http://cheema.com/blobs.jpg Tap and hold the dark gray rectangle and then select “Save image” from the menu. Note that it is not entirely black. It is dark grey. Testing with a black screen gives you false hope that your display is good.
2. Turn off automatic brightness and dial down the brightness all the way to make it as dark as possible. Go to Home->Settings->Display->Brightness.
3. Open up the “Gallery” application and locate the blobs.jpg in the download folder and view it in a mostly dark room.

Are you having problems with your Samsung Galaxy S II screen?

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2 thoughts on “Sprint & T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II screen problems”

  1. Ravil de Alwis says:

    i bought the samsung galaxy s2 from sri lanka for LKR85,000/= on the 4th of november 2011 with android 2.3.3 and i have some issues with it.
    1) screen issue when the phone is on the lowest brightness level the left part of the screen has a yellowish tint and i took it to the sri lankan warranty agents THE PHONE COMPANY four times and they replaced the screen and now its worse now the whole screen has a yellowish tint.2) signal issue the signal is unstable signal bars are at 2bars sometimes 3bars sometimes full and when i connect to the in ternet it connects from hsdpa and edge, when i’m not connected to the internet it shows the 3g icon, the above mentioned warranty agents THE PHONE COMPANY replaced the motherboard but i still have the issue.

    3) no NFC
    i don’t have NFC (near field communication)

    pls help me with these issues can samsung replace the whole phone and give me a new one?
    my email address is  ravildealwis7@gmail.com

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