Samsung gets access to iPhone carrier terms in Australia

At the beginning of November the continuing battle between Samsung and Apple took another turn with Samsung demanding access to the iPhone 4S source code along with access to Apple’s Australian carrier terms, and it appears that Sammy has got their way for the most part.

According to an article over on The Next Web, Channel News is reporting that Apple has been informed by Justice Annabelle Bennett they have until noon tomorrow the 10th of November to deliver unto Samsung contract info concerning the iPhone and Australian carriers Vodafone, Opus and Telstra.

Apple of course had disagreed with Samsung request however the Justice says handing over the required information would assist Samsung in their legal case against Apple infringing on Samsung’s 3G wireless patents if it proves Apple has been paid subsidies by carriers for offering the iOS smartphone.

Apple of course still firmly believes the patents in question are deemed an industry standard.

As for the request for the iPhone 4S source code, apparently Apple has already delivered copied of said code to Samsung in a 220-page document, however apparently Samsung claims the document doesn’t meet their expectations as and such Samsung lawyers are saying Apple is “playing foul.”

No doubt there is still some way to go before both companies can come to some kind of an agreement when it comes to patents. Both are due back in court tomorrow to continue fighting their corner.

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