Christmas Countdown app for BlackBerry with BB7 support

Christmas is just over a month away, and thousands of people love this season. So to get into the spirit a new app has been released for BlackBerry owners, this is the busiest time of the year and workload goes through the roof, which means a few forgetful moment.

Thanks to BlackBerry App World they now have the “Christmas Countdown App”, December 25th is the day for fun, laughter, but time always runs away with you.

This application is simple, and lets you know how many days left until the big day, main features within this app includes: BlackBerry 7 support, new backgrounds, six songs, Christmas trivia and notification banner icon.

It also comes with dynamic snowflakes (user controls the volume), BBM connected allows the user to update statuses and send a BBM with countdown or update your profile box, home screen icon updates to show days left, daily popup reminder with days left, as well as random backgrounds.

Christmas Countdown is available right now via BlackBerry App World for $0.99; go get it now and countdown the days.

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