iOS 5.0.1 OTA update battery life fix failure

Well now, as my colleague Mark recently posted, Apple has rolled out iOS 5.0.1, which is said to fix the issues of poor battery life on the iPhone, so all you iPhone 4S users out there should be pleased and see better battery life once you have installed iOS 5.0.1 right? Apparently though this isn’t the case.

According to the guys over at 9to5 Mac, the Apple support forums are a flood with iOS users who have updated to iOS 5.0.1 and have had their hopes of a better battery life dashed with numerous users complaining that their battery life is still as bad as before.

Most complaints are roughly the same stating that after downloading iOS 5.0.1 battery life is still draining pretty much as it was before, one guy say that he downloaded the update an hour and a half ago and since doing so the battery has drained 20 percent.

Another says that he downloaded iOS 5.0.1 and after an hour and a half of “phantom usage” and 97 percent, so it appears 5.0.1 had fixed nothing. While another claims that they lost two percent just by opening the Safari browser, and another says nothing’s changed battery drain still the same after iOS 5.0.1 update.

On the upside of things though most users say that the over the air update worked well although some experienced problems but this was apparently due to having less than 50 percent charge on their device.

So I guess the big question here is for our iPhone owning readers out there, how was the iOS 5.0.1 update for your, has it resolved the battery drainage issue for you or not? Fell free to let us know by dropping us a comment below.

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54 thoughts on “iOS 5.0.1 OTA update battery life fix failure”

  1. Snapdragon says:

    I have an iPhone 4s and the battery lasts about 17 hours, should I be expecting more from it, as the Androids last about the same time, if not less?

  2. Ricardo Governa says:

    I don’t know what the hell are you doing with your iPhones but my lasts 2 days easily. And that’s with 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth enabled. The only thing I do is to make sure I don’t have apps such as Skype or Google Latitude running on the background.

  3. iPhone 3GS… iOS 5, now 5.01. I had a days worth of battery life on iOS 4, I had a days worth of battery life on iOS 5 and now with the update I have a day’s worth of battery life.

    I can sit and watch the percentage slip away, yes, but I thought my iPhone was supposed to do that… seeing as it has always been only lasting a day of medium usage without calls.

    Was it supposed to last longer? LOL I obviously missed that… so did Apple…

  4. Andy says:

    My battery drain was was a problem to start but now after the new download my battery is draining crazy fast. I wish I would not have updated my operating system!

  5. Rms911 says:

    My 4s was would barely last a day.  I let the battery go down to 19% so that it would require a full charge.  Since I did a full charge, I had 58% remaining after two days.  I use it constantly for texting and music.  I do make sure that I clean out running apps regularly and I have turned off a couple of unnecessary location services.

    I’m happy with my battery life.  It is a newer phone, having had it only 1 1/2 weeks.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The only significant battery drain I experienced was using the airplay mirroring to play games on my HDTV. I did notice some drain due to location services remaining on due to geo-fencing reminders not always being clear on my location.

    After the update I’ve not seen this issue and in 5 hours I’ve dropped to 96% with light use.Hope they track down all the remaining issues. It’s not very mobile if you have to keep it plugged in. Still better than my Thunderbolt was when I was at the edge of a 4G zone.

  7. Fustian24 says:

    I was having to charge my phone at least 3 times a day. It constantly ran hot. Since upgrading to 5.0.1 my iPhone has been cool as ice. It’s mid-morning and I’m still at 90%.

    Working for me so far.

  8. Rtichy says:

    Didn’t fix it, mine doesn’t seem as bad as as some people on here, but it sill goes down a lot faster them my iPhone 4. Turning off location services improves it some, but I still cant figure out if there is a specific one that makes it worse.

  9. I downloaded the update late Thursday nite. I charged the phone to 100% during the night. I unplugged it Friday morning at 8:30 at 100%. Made one local call approx. 3 minutes. At 1:30 pm today my battery is at 73%. I think the fix made the problem worse.

  10. A Carruthers says:

    I fixed my iPhone 4 (not iPhone4S) battery drain under iOS5.0 by re-installing the software (it took 2 restores to fix things). iOS 5.01 has not made things worse. Some apps are a big drain, however. For me, Reminders is the worst.

  11. Jrglaw says:

    The new update helped my 4S battery life. But to begin with, my 4S’ battery life was about the same as my 3GS’, which is pretty good. Can’t compare battery life to a 4 since I never owned one. 4S/3GS battery life is way better than my last Android phone, an EVO 4G.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have versizon iphone 4s. I have same battery issue after updating to the latest iOS and have received calls from Apple twice already. People who are facing the same issue call them and let them know so they can fix this problem ASAP. Apple plz do something!

  13. Anthonytmurphy says:

    I have an iPhone 3GS this new software update has no fixed my battery life, 100% charge drained in less than 2 Hours with 1x 8min call? Apple need to sort this out ASAP as
    I rely on my phone for my work.

  14. Wriggers says:

    I am currently using a iPhone 4 (the 4s is on order) and whilst I didn’t think there was a real issue with the battery life the IOS 5.0.1 has made a vast improvemnet in battery life, so much so that I kept checking it as I could not believe the improvement. My phone is essential for my work and is only ever turned off when airbourne, the only problem I have had in the past was a dicky home button which was cured by updating to IOS 5

  15. Rendy says:

    i regret to update to 5.0.1, i should stay at 5.0 instead
    5.0.1 makes my iPhone 4 decreased the signal strength and drain more battery than 5.0.1
    GOOD JOB APPLE!!!!!!

  16. cheesy says:

    Updated to IOS 5.01 last night on 3GS. At 7am this morning I had 100% charge, by 11am this morning the phone was totally flat. No calls or web browsing or texting. phone ran hot to touch. Nice work Apple, you’re totally stuffed this one up.

  17. Daniel Brown says:

    I have a iPhone 4S and experienced big issues, I searched the web for ways to make the battery life last a little longer, turning off push notifications, location services,etc. Worked but not ideal, A average day of 100% 6am, 23%5PM. After update yesterday at 6:30am I didn’t charge it all day and all night and am currently on 27% at 11:38am the next day!

  18. Jeffnandy says:

    I have 3GS. On updating to 5.0, II had no problems with battery that I noticed, but everything became slow and buggy. On updating to 5.0.1 I hoped this would fix it. But now it is slow and buggy and uses 50% of battery in 6 hours dong nothing. I wouldn’t have a clue about what updating this software entails, but it seems like apple doesn’t either. Very poor job Apple.

  19. Begel says:

    Iphone 4s worked ok with IOS 5. After updating to 5.01 the battery drained quite fast.
    (2 days before, 0.7 day after with normal – low use). I also experienced drop in Wifi connection 1 or 2 times after updating.

  20. mike says:

    My iphone 4s holds a charge ok in standby. It drops about 2-3% per hour but during use it drops beyond quickly. Occasionally picking up the phone to send a few texts and look something up will result in about a 10-15% drop in battery life per hour. The update did nothing for my battery life. Occasionally I am noticing that the 3G service becomes unavailable.

  21. Guitarjoa says:

    No battery problems with my 4s. Before the update i got one day on a full charge, after the update about 1,5 days. 
    Too bad others do experience these issues, maybe they have things running that i don’t?

  22. Upgraded my 3GS from verion 4 something to 5.0.1 (skipped 5.0 due to reported battery issues).  Now my phone drops 1% a minute when playing solitaire.  Also lost 90% of may apps that I had to restore from a backup.  Apple is going down the tubes now that Steve Jobs is gone.

    1. Hollie_anne2 says:

      I also had to do a system restore once I had updated and it took a whole day to reload all my pictures, etc. Very upset with the update. My battery life was just fine with the iOS 5 update. This new one is draining it so fast I feel like it is constantly plugged into a charger. 

  23. Marierosemichael says:

    My iPhone 4S was working fine before the update (I did not originally experience battery life issues) now my phone is rapidlly losing charge.  The update CAUSED battery life issues with my phone.

  24. Hollie_anne2 says:

    My iPhone4 had pretty good battery life before the update to iOS 5.0.1. Now that I have updated I’ve noticed my phone getting extremely hot when being used and it drained 4% just by sending a text message! It’s really upsetting because when out of the house I need to make sure my phone is on and charged because with my husband being deployed, if my phone dies I could miss his call. I feel like I cant leave anywhere without a charger now because the life of my battery drains significantly when I’m not even using it. 

  25. Queensland-babe says:

    Nope update was a dud. My phone battery was disappointing before but with the 5.0.1 it got 100x worse had my phone off charge for 15hours and it is telling me I have been using it for 11 hours. I have been at work today and had only sent a couple of texts. Yet my partner has one with 5.0.1 and has no issue. But I believe our handsets are slightly different. Because he has settings that I don’t

  26. Atannuri says:


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  28. Camila Jarrin says:

    I just bought my iphone 4s so it already come with ios 5.0.1, but the first thing i noticed was that te battery life is nothing like they promised, it doesnt last throut the day, i usually charge it overnight, and around noon the phone is already on 50%. Please send a plead to apple asking for another update that actually works well. The phone ahould at least have enough battery to last during my entire waking day

  29. Ahmedkassab90 says:

    The battery is a bug problem i bought the 4s 3 days ago and its the 1st thing i noticed sometimes the battery drains in like 4 hours if you are using ut heavily so it is the worse phone battery i have seen i hope apple does somethjng about that

  30. Lewafer says:

    Just updated my 3GS from 4.3.3 to 5.0.1.  Battery life lasted at least a full day if not more before the update.  Now on 5.0.1, it lasted 4 hrs w barely any usage.  Recharged at 4pm and now is at 40% – again, with very little use time.  Can’t believe they released this and how terrible this is.  I’ll probably downgrade to 4.3.x until they can pull it together.  Totally unprofessional.

  31. Dillykelbeck says:

    This update sucked the big one… except for all the great features now on my phone, which I can use so long as I’m tethered to my power cord. I hate Apple for not addressing this sooner, as they essentially crippled my previously properly-functioning product.

  32. Scottnaylor says:

    My iphone 3gs battery life bar shows its in the red but its fully charged? Any suggestions why it wont update it’s status to full or and charge at all?

  33. Mylsmylsmyls says:

    Didnt fix mine either. My iphone 4s came with 5.0 and although the battery life wasnt amazing, it was enough to last a full day. After updating to 5.1 OTA, it kinda made it worse. Before the update i had wifi turned on most of the time, and am constantly checking mails, ebuddy, facebook etc. and my battery life was not bad. I usually charge my phone around 2/3 am ish and id still have about 10%. Now i cant do that anymore, my battery drains a lot faster with ios5.1 i also noticed that my phone gets warm when using wifi. Also, im not sure if im just being paranoid but ive been noticing minor lags, like when i go to settings-general and scroll down fast it lags a bit. ;/ i just noticed that now so most likely it only came after the update. This is very disappointing since this is my first apple product, i never really liked apple before. I also did a full reset, full cycle charge after the update – but that didnt do anything. The only thing i havent tried now is the restore thing.

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