Samsung Galaxy S II in the pink mix in South Korea

The Samsung Galaxy S II may be seeing a few issues with the screen, but this does not stop a new colour coming into the mix on this smartphone. The screen problems will get sorted, and if you would like to see pink being thrown into the mix then please read on.

Samsung has released the new colour on the Samsung Galaxy S II, for all those that live in South Korea, so is this for the ladies, men or both? This handset already comes in black or white, and customers like a different option of colours and that is why Samsung is stepping up its game.

Bringing out more colours of the SGS2 will only bring more sales to Sammy, when you think about 850,000 white ones we sold in South Korea, and a total off 4m Galaxy S II units in total in this country.

We can see the pink version of this phone coming to other countries as well, please let us know if you would buy the pink Samsung Galaxy S II, if so could you please let us know what country you are in?

Source — Sammy Hub

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