iPhone 4S SIM slot locking by Sprint starts today

As most iOS users on the Sprint network will know, originally the carrier allowed those that wish to get the iPhone 4S as an unlocked device to do so, however it appears the time has now come for Sprint to change that rule and word has come down that Sprint will be locking the SIM slot from now on.

According to an article over on The Next Web by way of MacRumors, SprintFeed is reporting that as of today the 11th of November Sprint will start locking the iPhone 4S SIM slot.

The iOS smartphone purchased from Sprint came with their micro SIM slot unlocked, and Sprint stated that they would be locked via an update after shipping but anyone who wish to have the iPhone 4S SIM unlocked could request such from Sprint.

Apparently the Sprint internal doc now states that all iPhone 4S devices will have the SIM locked as of tomorrow (the 11th which is now today) and the locking will take place during activation and will be invisible to the customer.

However, there is a bit of good news for those that already have their iPhone 4S SIM unlocked, and that is Sprint is allowing you to remain unlocked as long as you have purchased your iPhone 4S prior to 11,11,11.

I’m sure most know that an unlocked SIM enabled the user to swap the SIM card to another network if required, but it would appear that Sprint has now had enough of that and has pulled the plug, so if you want an unlocked iPhone from Sprint now, you are right out of luck.

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