New Nokia Champagne Windows Phone with Tango spotted

As we all know, Nokia finally dished the dirt on their first Windows Phone Mango devices the Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710 during Nokia World 2011 and both have been received favourably by the mobile space, but it appears there is one smartphone Nokia is keeping back.

According to an article over on Slash Gear by way of WPCentral, the smartphone that Nokia didn’t mention during Nokia World 2011 is a device known as the Nokia Champagne, but it’s not a Windows Phone Mango handset.

Apparently the Nokia Champagne turned up in the “I’m a WP7!” logs and apparently is a next generation Windows Phone that sports Windows Phone Tango, the next WP operating system, and apparently the device could be the previously seen Nokia Lumia 900 or the Nokia ACE.

Word is the logs show the device as Windows Phone build 7.10.8711, which is apparently Tango, so when the Nokia Champagne does come out to play you can expect the smartphone to play nice with the newest WP operating system.

Apparently the smartphone was originally seen back on the 25th of October, but other than the name Nokia Champagne and that Tango build nothing else is really know about the handset at this time, although that Champagne name could go and the device surface as something else perhaps with Lumia branding. We’ll let you know more on the Nokia Champagne as and when we hear.

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