Nokia Lumia 800 in Cyan next month in UK and pink in 2012

If you are in the United Kingdom and fancy a Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone of a different colour, rather than picking up the Lumia 800 as of the 16th of this month you might like to hold off until December because that is the month a new cyan version of the Nokia Lumia 800 will be hitting the UK.

According to the guys over at Pocket-lint they have heard from a “very trusted source” that the cyan coloured Nokia Lumia 800 is set to hit the UK market the first week of December, which will be a fortnight after the release of the first Nokia Windows Phone Mango handset, so not too long to hold off purchasing it if you really want the cyan model.

It’s also known that the pink model will also not be available in the United Kingdom as of that 16th of November launch date, and unfortunately those Nokia fans that love the colour pink will also not see a pink Nokia Lumia 800 in the UK before Christmas.

Apparently if you simply must have a pink coloured Nokia Lumia 800, you’ll have to wait until sometime yearly next year as not confirmed date was given for the pink version to hit.

If you are not really bothered about what colour your Nokia Lumia 800 is as you simply must have the device, the black model is still on schedule for the 16th of this month release date both on contract and as a SIM free handset.

So we’d like to ask our readers if the colour of a smartphone sways you one way or the other when choosing your device, or doesn’t the colour of the handset come into the equation for you?

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