iPhone 5 existed but was scrapped in favour of 4S

Back when Apple were gearing up to released their next generation iOS smartphone, many in the mobile space along with numerous of the iPhone faithful expected Apple to deliver the fully redesigned iPhone 5, however as we now know this wasn’t the case and the iPhone 4S was released instead, much to some annoyance to the iOS faithful out there.

However, apparently the full on iPhone 5 was a go up until a few months before the iPhone 4S was released, as according to an article over on Phone Arena by way of Business Insider, the iPhone 5 did indeed exist in a prototype form.

Unfortunately though, according to an unnamed industry source that has apparently been right on numerous occasions before, is said to have handled the iPhone 5 prototype, the redesigned iOS smartphone was scrapped only month previous to the announcement of the iPhone 4S.

The reason for the scrapping of the redesigned iPhone 5 is according to the report because Steve Jobs decided it would be a device that would fragment the iPhone line too much. It is also said that the iPhone 5 was loaded with Siri at the time.

Having said all this, apparently the reporter has stated that they haven’t been able to verify any of this via a second source, so could be all fluff and rumour.

So there you have it, if true then the redesigned iPhone 5 did exist at some point, and well one does have to wonder where all those case makers came up with their iPhone 5 case designs. Should Apple have scrapped the iPhone 5 in favour of the iPhone 4S or gone ahead and delivered what everyone was originally expecting?

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2 thoughts on “iPhone 5 existed but was scrapped in favour of 4S”

  1. Ashe11hk says:

    That is the biggest mistake by Apple. What does “could fragment the iPhone line too much” mean? It is just non-sense! Do they want to release the same type of product now and then? People need change and see something different. It was a blow for Apple not to release the 5 this time. With all those expectations, the 5 would have been the greatest success for Apple.

    But I still believe the 5 will be a success when it releases, though it is a kind of a bit late for me.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I think this story is just rumors since the 4S follows Apple releases in the past…

      2007 iPhone
      2008 iPhone 3G
      2009 iPhone 3Gs
      2010 iPhone 4
      2011 iPhone 4S
      2012 iPhone 5
      2013 iPhone 5s?

      How can something be late if it was never announced?

      I dont see why people were so shocked and a 5 did not appear…

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