Galaxy Nexus UK availability confusion

Despite Samsung confirming that the first smartphone to pack Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus release in the United Kingdom is on schedule for the 17th of the month and will see no delays, it appears that those who will be offering the handset in the UK aren’t so sure, which has led to some confusion as to just when the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will become available to the UK public.

According to a report by the Inquirer, it appears that the only carrier in the UK to actually confirm they will offer the Galaxy Nexus as of the 17th is O2 UK, whilst 3 UK used their Twitter account to say they are expecting stock of the device as of the 18th of Nov, but can’t 100 percent confirm this yet.

3 UK also says that anyone who pre-ordered the device, the delivery date has now changed due to delays to the 22nd of Nov and 3 UK will ring customers with more information.

When it comes to Clove, they have posted to their site that stock of the SIM free Samsung Galaxy Nexus has now been delayed until the 23rd of Nov, that date apparently came from Samsung and is subject to change.

The Inquirer also contacted Phones4U about availability of the Galaxy Nexus with Phones4U responding that they will be stocking the device but cannot confirm when it will actually go on sale, stating that the launch date is “up in the air.”

Vodafone UK hasn’t yet announced an availability date for the Android smartphone but does have the handset on its coming soon page, whilst the Carphone Warehouse also could not confirm an availability date for the device.

They have also managed to confirm that neither T-Mobile nor Orange will offer the Samsung Galaxy Nexus directly.

So despite Samsung confirming that the release date for the Galaxy Nexus in the United Kingdom remains the 17th of November, it looks like the only one sticking to that confirmed date is O2, leaving everyone else in some confusion as to just when it will be available.

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