Droid Incredible Android 2.3 Gingerbread: Readers Problems

We told everyone yesterday about the new Droid Incredible Android 2.3 Gingerbread update, and since then we have had a massive response. So far the article we published yesterday has had 110 comments, a few customers seem to be having problems and one that we found interesting had to be mentioned out a loud.

Please read the comment a reader posted yesterday, can you answer this one below.

What the reader said:

Got update last night, realized some of my apps were inactive, looked it up and saw that it was a problem with the upgrade and that I would have to do something with it plugged in. No biggie deal with it later. Was disturbed by the change of some of the icons, whatev. Do not like that I can’t use the top (off) button to put it in silent and/or vibrate, churn…

Then saw I couldn’t turn off the Mobile Connection. That’s a biggie, since, I rely on that quick shortcut when I’m away from a charger for a long period of time and I don’t want the service to be constantly looking for a connection. I do it all the time, extends the battery. Super annoying that I have to go all the way through the Settings menu to get access to that… What. The. Heck?

NOW, I got a notification that I had another update. Looked it up, learned that this update would fix the bugs with the apps not loading (from SD card) cool. Go ahead and update. For some reason my phone seems to not be charging, so, it said the battery was too low to proceed, I plugged it in. Okay. Fixed. Hit start…. Waiting… Waiting… Not enough internal memory! What? Huh/! Churn!

Now I can’t even access an upgrade button after I had cleared some data and temporary files (who really needs a restart button? Like really? It’s not like it skips over all that Verizon/Droid start up, so, what does the reset button do, besides automatically starting the phone back up again? Which if I had honestly forgotten I just turned off my phone, hitting the button to turn the screen back on would have done the job for me.

Currently, spazzing about the battery not charging (hoping the charging port isn’t messed. already had similar laptop issues, and I don’t think I could handle that right now).

Please, someone tell me everything will be okay once I get the newest update. :/

Please do comment below, love to know what you think of our readers problems.


46 thoughts on “Droid Incredible Android 2.3 Gingerbread: Readers Problems”

  1. Gagz135 says:

    I had the same issue regarding ‘not enough space.’ I clicked Install Now and when my phone restarted it said there was not enough space for the update.

          1. Jeremy says:

            same thing kind of, I clicked “install later” and that ‘later’ seems to never happen…… my wife’s was same as above, not enough space for 2nd update….. nad now hasn’t came back yet…?!?!?!?!

  2. jechris3 says:

    I had same issue with failed update.  Found this from Verizon:
    If the system update fails to install, you will get an error screen. However, this only means the software did not install properly. Remove and re-insert the battery and power the device back on. The device will power back on with original software and will prompt you once again to install the system update. However, that didn’t work so I called Verizon.  They told me that I would have to put the update on manually (load the file onto the phone) by going to a Verizon store.  She said the problem was that they (Verizon) think that my phone has updated to the latest firmware, so it will not push the update out to my phone again.

  3. Laurie says:

    Seriously?  I hate my Droid Incredible now.  This is extremely disappointing.  I have the same issues.  Going to the Verizon store for a fix is not an acceptable response from Verizon. 

  4. Kellyg377 says:

    I had the same problem with my phone stating that I didn’t have enough memory.  So I deleted some apps, but couldn’t get the update to come back.  AND it looked like some other app (Hello something) was added to my phone that I did not download.  I did a system restore and the new update was eventually completed.

  5. Phil says:

    I had the same exact problem.  Got the update on the 15th.  My phone froze, so I pulled out the battery and put it back in.  The update seemed to apply regardless.  Got ANOTHER update the 16th, and it said I didn’t have enough space.  Now the update isn’t coming back.  In an attempt to save space, I’ve moved a bunch of apps to sd and now the apps are missing.

  6. Hud3500 says:

    I received the Gingerbread update pushed out from Verizon on the morning of Tuesday 11/15 and my Droid Incredible immediately went haywire. I got “low memory,” and “low storage,” notifications (which in turn would not allow my bluetooth and email and other notifications to download or work properly), despite there being plenty of free space, some of my icons appeared stacked on top of other icons on my home screens, other icons would appear multiple times or just disappear completely, and quite humorously, Verizon was removed from the Market, and replaced by SPRINT! After doing some research online, I figured out that this update I received was actually the original Gingerbread update Verizon began pushing out back in September (which I never received), but then pulled because of these glitches, and I learned that they would be pushing that update 1st to those who never got it, and then push out a fix. Sure enough, late that same night, I got prompted to download another Gingerbread update, supposedly to fix the problems of the 1st one. I initiated the update, and then my phone told me that I did not have enough space and would have to clear message and mail data and remove apps, and then proceed with the update. I did precisely that, and got rid of the low space message, however, once I freed up tons of space, I was no longer prompted to receive the update, and the OTA has not been available to me again since. I did a soft reset, and even tried to reprogram the roaming capabilities, but neither helped. I contacted Verizon, who claimed it was their 1st time hearing of the Sprint Market issue (despite me reading about it online), and the Verizon rep apologized and contacted HTC for a 3 way conference call. HTC was absolutely NO help. The HTC rep just listened to my issues and said that I basically just had to wait for the update to push out again and that it “eventually” would. He said he had “no idea of a timeframe,” but it “shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks,” adding that “it could happen later tonight.” Contrary to what others with similar problems have stated Verizon told them, Verizon stated to me that I could NOT go to a Verizon store to get the software manually updated, and like HTC said, I would have to wait for the OTA. As for my current glitches, the HTC rep recommended I do a factory reset in the meantime, something I am dead set against doing since I just had to do one on this phone just 3 weeks ago, and had to do another several months ago. (Another thing absolutely ridiculous considering I’ve had the phone for just a year and 2 weeks). I have to say, I loved my HTC Incredible when I 1st got it, and thought HTC had a customer for life, but the issues I’ve had with this phone, and the lack of proper customer service/resolutions has me DYING to jump ship! There’s no way I’m doing yet another factory reset, especially when Ice Cream Sandwich is about to come out and I will be getting a new phone…Don’t think I’ll ever be coming back to HTC.

  7. Walknbones says:

    same here, I tried to install but i had no room.  I got the 2.3.4 update in Sept. My software number is 4.06.605.3   My wife, however, was running 2.2  and got an update yesterday which took her 2.3.4 with the same software number.  Today she got the second update which installed for her to software # 4.08.605.2  I am still waiting for that.  No issues reported otherwise.

  8. Mwpg417 says:

    Had same issues as everyone else, 2 low space msgs, force closing almost everything after first 4.06 update. Did a factory reset and as soon as phone was booted back up got the update for 4.08 and it’s working like it always has. Gingerbread doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade at all. Do yr homework on pre-factory reset checklist.

  9. Fazer says:

    This is what I got to work to get the 4.08.605.2 update installed successfully on two different Incredibles, both stock/non-rooted, one with a lot of extra apps, and one with only two extra apps. It looks like a lot of work, but is actually very easy to complete, and NO factory reset is required:
    – Move as many apps as you can to the SD card (for those having issues accessing them on the SD card, the upgrade to 4.08.605.2 cured this for me).
    – Clear out as much text messaging space as you can, especially images. Alternately, you can delete them all. Messages eat a lot of processing memory on these phones.
    – Hit the Clear Data (and/or Clear Cache) button on large use applications (email, Gmail, facebook, etc.) After doing this, do not access those apps until after installing the update. For some, you will have to sign in again, but no data was lost since they’re synced items. (To do this step, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications, select the All tab at the top, and go into each app you want to manage.)
    – Press & hold the Power Button and choose Restart.
    – As soon as the screen goes blank, press and hold the Power Button and the Volume Down button at the same time.
    – A white menu screen will appear, it will take a second and it will perform a small self-check. Then using your Volume Down button, scroll down one spot to Recovery and press the Power button to select it. The phone will immediately show the HTC Incredible screen.
    – Then a black screen will appear showing the phone and a red triangle with exclamation point, at this point press and hold the Volume Up button and then press the Power button. Using your Volume Down button again, scroll down to Wipe Cache Partition and press the Power button to select it. This will not delete anything on the phone, just clear a stagnant memory cache.
    – After this is complete, select Reboot System Now. Let the phone restart completely.
    – Go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates and see if the update shows. If it does, simply select Download or Reboot & Install. If it fails again due to “not enough memory”, you need to clear more apps and data and repeat the above steps until it works.
    – If the update does not show, back out to Settings, choose Date & Time, uncheck the Automatic box, and set the date 1 year ago from today (11-xx-2010), and hit Ok.
    – Return to About Phone > System Updates, it may still show “Your system is currently up to date.” Back out and then go right back in to System Updates. It should be downloading the 4.08.605.2 patch update file. Reboot and Install when it prompts you. If it fails again due to “not enough memory”, you need to clear more apps and data until it works.
    Give it time to install, on one of my phones it took only a few minutes and on the other it took closer to 10 minutes. On one phone the Droid eye appeared for only a minute and then the phone started up completely and on the other it appeared for closer to five minutes. After the install, remember to return your Date & Time to automatic.
    For any apps that aren’t accessible and show up with the Droid icon, you should be able to select and remove the icon and simply add it back from your App menu. Alternately, you can re-download it from your Market.
    Hope this helps!

    1. Flstfi151 says:

      Hello,  I followed your instructios and was able to download the patch again. Once i hit the install button the phone went to “rebooting” and has just stayed there for almost 15 minutes saying rebooting?? Any thoughts?
      thanks in advance Joe

      1. Fazer says:

        I had that happen on the second Incredible I did, I guess it’s more widespread than I thought because I’ve seen this being reported elsewhere this morning. In any case, I held the power button down, chose restart, the phone restarted, and I did the above steps again. Second time everything worked like it was supposed to.

          1. Fazer says:

            Try this, instead of pressing restart and letting the phone restart all the way, press restart and when the phone goes blank, begin the steps above (pressing power and volume down, etc.). Just did that on another Incredible that was stuck on the “rebooting…” status and it finally updated. I hope this helps you too.

    2. You were right about the messages taking up a lot of space. I must have triggered the download and all that about a million times. But by following your instructions, it worked. The one thing I did different was to delete all of the text message images. Then, I cleared the cache, triggered the update download and voila. Right now it is at the droid eye, but I think that did the job. Thanks for the awesome advice.

      1. Tony Stark says:

        Wait, my apps are still F’d….any ideas? Astro File Manager says they’re on SD and backed up. When I load, and open market, doesn’t show apps as installed? Force closes on some…help if possible.

    3. Hightekredneck says:

      It worked (finally) I had to clear data from everything, even my “HTC Sense” app, which really just is the home screen layout. Annoying but small price to pay for hopefully getting the stupid memory issues fixed. For those reading this who will be frustrated by it not working immediately, as was I, I had to run through the cache clearing process and clearing data and removing apps about 5 times to clear up enough memory. The only way I ever got the update to download was to reset the date, and the only way I ever got the phone to reboot and attempt install was to clear the cache. Thank you Fazer and if you ever come to flagstaff, I’ll buy you a beer for your help!

    4. Mike says:

      Holy Crap!  It really, really worked!  Went to Verizon store today, and they are sending me a new remanufactured phone, but it looks like now I won’t need it! Mine seems tom be working, and save for a few logins and passwords, everything is mostly the way I left it.  You need to post this fix on droid life and the verizon forums before everyone with a DInc pulls their hair out…..THank you SOOOOOO much!

    5. Mike says:

      Also…if anyone is running Advanced Task Killer Froyo, delete the app before upgrading to Gingerbread. There is a conflict between the Gingerbread 2.3.4 OS and the Froyo 2.2 app that causes multiple apps to repeatedly force close. 

    6. Rodney says:

      Thanks for this post. It was the only thing that would work for my phone, I had to try it several times ie. stuck on rebooting but finally got it to work. Thanks again!

  10. Wmotch says:

    I can’t sync my gmail inbox all of a sudden; hate the new delay in the htc clock/weather widget, hate the new look and don’t know why is shows a c when on a call when I”ve called someone’s home number it displays a c then th number – keep thining I dialed the wrong number.  I also have a low on space message that I can’t get to go away and I have plenty of memory.  Any suggestions?

    1. Mgallant5 says:

      I lost all of my numbers, and my phone is still acting crazy, shutting off, then on then off pretty much useless right now I am so mad!


      1. Brittany Rush says:

        SO IS MINE! i did a 3rd factory reset on this damn phone and its still constantly turning off and on and off and on AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!! I hate this phone and CANT wait for my upgrade next month! 

  11. keenan hansen says:

    i had a NUMBER of issues with mine when i got the first update just 3 days ago now. No SD card apps working, no access to media of any form, still had the low memory prompt, gallery was no longer on my device at all, market had an instant force close, on and on and on….
    Then the next day i force checked for the 4.08 update. yay! i exclaimed! went for the update and it said that it had failed. oh….. i thought… well at least there is a retry button… THE BUTTON DOES NOT WORK!!! WTTFFFF….. soooo i did what any self respecting nerd would do, saved all that was on my SD and freaking Wiped the phone and SD doing a factory reset.
    i am happy to tell you, this worked like a charm. phone is running smoother than ever, clean, pretty, and just all sorts of animations and UI that i love. also the added settings in the settings menu are really nice. its all very cool for me.
    PROBLEM: HTC jacked over the updated.

    SOLUTION: Factory restore that sucker and make it right as rain.

  12. DVUS1977 says:

    I have gone thru some crazy stuff since Tuesday morning. I lost all my album covers from my sd card along with a bunch of apps . My hardware info was all wrong 4.3′ screen 512mb ram wifi b/g but no n . My market was compromised as well, I had Sprint apps instead of Verizon. And woke up on wed morning to no access to gmail ,email ,and gtalk. Had to do several resets and factory resets .gettin replacement phone later today and had to contact sandisk to explain situation and have to send my 16gbsd card back to recieve new one . JUST REGRETTING EVER ACCEPTING THE UPDATE ..

  13. alanwr says:

    My upgrade was so bad it bricked the phone and wouldn’t factory reset.  Verizon support said I could buy a new phone since mine was 1 month out of warrantee  I had insurance on the phone so I called them and they said I could have a replacement for $99 deductible.  Call Verizon back and they agreed to send me a refurbished Incredible.  After hanging up, it factory reset and started working fine after I spend hours reinstalling. my apps.

    Got the new phone in the next morning, it was defective.  I sent it back and with the second upgrade also that same day, my original phone seems to be doing just fine.  I was about to abandon Verizon again for the same reason as before, poor service, but then the next tech redeemed themselves.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I eventually got mine to work again (thanks to everyone for the tips here). My HTC Droid Incredible does not seem to live up to its name anymore. Too many hassles, and this one has definitely affected my brand loyalty. I am looking forward to getting another phone someday.

  15. dgriscom says:

    The HTC droid incredible is the most ” buggy” phone I’ve ever owned and I can’t wait until Sep. 2012 when my contract is up, so I can get rid of it!

  16. Blknredbearsfl says:

    Fazer your a genius!  Had to clear Wipe Cache Partition but that seems to have been my problem for several things memory related.  It finally allowed me to get the latest update that it kept pestering me about for weeks/months.  Thanks for posting!  If I hadn’t found this post I was gonna back down a version and root it (still might) but this saves me some headaches!!!

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