Ice Cream Sandwich Galaxy S II update confirmed

Every Android user on the globe probably wants to know if their chosen Android smartphone will make the jump from Android 2.3 Gingerbread to the latest and greatest operating system from the Google guys, Android Ice Cream Sandwich at some point in the future, and old Samsung has now slapped some official confirmation on at least one smartphone.

Rather unsurprisingly, according to a report by The Next Web, Samsung has announced via their official Twitter account that the Samsung Galaxy S II will be updated to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, albeit not actually coming forth with any specific date for said update.

As the Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the most recent smartphone from Sammy, discarding the Samsung Galaxy Nexus of course it is fairly obvious to me and probably everyone else that the Galaxy S II would gain ICS anyway, but I figure it’s nice to have it confirmed anyway.

The only real problem I have with Samsung smartphones is having to drag an operating system update from Samsung Kies, which I find irritating at the least and often doesn’t work right, with my last update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread actually bricking my Samsung Galaxy S forcing me to return it to be updated and put right by T-Mobile.

I just wish Samsung would get with the 21st Century program and start delivering their Android updates over the air rather than continuing with the inadequate Kies software, do other Samsung handset owners agree or disagree?

In any case, Samsung Galaxy S II owners will no doubt be over the moon that Samsung has officially confirmed their smartphone will eventually see an update to Android 4.0.

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3 thoughts on “Ice Cream Sandwich Galaxy S II update confirmed”

  1. Englishman says:

    OTA would be simpler and easier. The only reason for not doing it this way (that I can think of) is to allow each phone company to tweak it in their own way… 

    I dont know if it is just when using Kies on a mac, but it is useless. Updating is tedious. And a small thing – why cant i create and add playlists to my S2?? I have to individually add each song to a particular playlist every time. annoying. Kies could do with an update itself! 

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