Battery or Screen? Smartphone Importance Choice

AMOLED, Super AMOLED, 3D and LCD displays for mobile phones, there are many different types of screens and various sizes that you can get these days integrated into smartphones, for example the HTC Sensation XL has one of the largest displays that has recently launched into the market.

Although these different types of displays improve the quality of the mobile phone’s screen such as offering 1080p HD recording and playback, some even offer a 3D option so you can play games and record video in 3D, but the disadvantage is that battery life will suffer.

Traditionally the mobile phone’s main objective primarily is to make phone calls and text messages, however since the recent launch of high definition smartphones many users have disregarded the reliable battery life they once had with their mobile phone, and upgraded to a smartphone that although can still take calls and send text messages, has a screen with high resolution and combined a magnificent display to cater for all the vibrant colours and high performance photos taken by the camera.

Most users would ask themselves do I want a smartphone with a display better than a HD TV that dies on my daily battery usage, and battery usage that it takes up to cater for these glorious colours, subject yourself to charging your new top of the range phone every night or stick to a mobile phone with a not so special screen that you would find on a Samsung galaxy HD, or the new Samsung Note and purchase a BlackBerry Curve which is by all means one of the most popular BlackBerry’s in the market but doesn’t have a display that will use up your battery life every day.

As Smartphone’s evolve the displays on mobile phones will become more advanced and offer higher resolution thus decreasing battery life, the question is with your next contract phone deal purchase, will you opt for a better screen that could affect the performance of your battery or a phone with reliable battery with a display that compliments its capacity?

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