US Galaxy Nexus comes with Verizon bloatware

Over this side of the pond in the UK we already have the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich super phone to play with, whilst over in the USA they still wait patently for the Big Red to deliver the US version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and although the Galaxy Nexus is supposed to be pure Android, it appears when the US model hits this will not be the case.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of Droid-life, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus will come out to play stateside packing Verizon bloatware apps as evidenced by the Galaxy Nexus: Make Yourself at home video we have for your viewing consideration below.

Apparently the bloatware apps come in the form of My Verizon Mobile along with Backup Assistant carrier specific apps, however, fortunately because this is Android Ice Cream Sandwich we are talking about, user will be able to disable said bloatware apps on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus albeit not being able to remove them completely unless you are a hacking guru of course.

But at least you will have the ability to make then vanish and disable their resources so it isn’t all that bad, so when you do eventually manage to get hold of your Galaxy Nexus in the states you could give the disabling feature a try on these two Verizon bloatware apps that come pre-installed on the handset, and of course feel free to let us know if you happen to have any problems with disabling those apps.

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