Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9 possibly planned for next year release

Long before Amazon delivered their first Android slate in the form of the 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire, we knew Amazon would be working on other size tablets and there has also been rumour that they will release a smartphone at some point in the game, and apparently word has now surface on what size the next Amazon slate will be.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of Apple Insider, the source on many a rumour, DigiTimes is reporting that Amazon is working on an 8.9-inch version of the Amazon Kindle Fire, which is expected to release sometime in Q2 of 2012.

Along with that 8.9-inch Android slate Amazon is also rumoured to be working on a 10.1-inch Amazon Kindle Fire tablet although apparently there’s no word on just when the mobile space can expect to see that particular size model.

Word is the same company that makes the iPhone, Foxconn will be manufacturing the Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9 rather than Quanta, the company behind the 7-inch Kindle Fire and the BlackBerry PlayBook, but other than those details no other information on the Amazon devices is available.

So there you have it, more Amazon tablet to invade the mobile space next year, and one has to wonder if with the Kindle Fire 8.9 whether Amazon will grace the device with Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

As for the Amazon Kindle Fire 10.1, no doubt Apple will be closely watching that particular slate to make sure it doesn’t look anything like the Apple iPad otherwise we could have another infringement battle like Apple’s current one with Samsung, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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