Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume and mute problems

A few customers of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone are having issues, it seems a few in the UK are experiencing volume and mute problems. This new handset was supposed to be the best yet, but as always problems are occurring.

Android Police are reporting via XDA Developers (Thread 1, & 2) volume control rocker issues, where the phone will mute itself. If you watch the YouTube video below courtesy of Duddyroar you can see the volume rocker bar acting a little crazy, sometimes it does not respond at all.

Some have said in the XDA threads that it could be down to a link between the phone’s radio, and operation in 2G data mode. The behaviour is a little erratic and we are calling out to Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners to come forward and let us know if you are having Volume and mute problems.

Id you visit the “Google Code” page, they report on the problem. It is suggested that the issue relates to the Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0.1, it mentions that it could be related to switching network signals and possibly enabling Wi-Fi, seems to be getting around this problem.

Please let us know if you are experiencing the issues mentioned above? Hopefully the issue get’s sorted before the Galaxy Nexus releases in Australia next week. Whilst on the Nexus subject, you might want to read our articles covering Verizon’s 16GB release dates and the 32GB possibility.


7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume and mute problems”

  1. Andy says:

    got mine brand new yesterday and am gutted about this. had high expectations of google, sansung and this device and they have both failed again to deliver. why do google only ever do half a job of an OS and samsung keep turning out crap. its now back in its box and will be goin back on friday. i feel a visit to Apple will resolve my phone woes.

  2. Dean says:

    Yes…mute problem happens to be every 4th or 5th call it seems…but is erratic.  Getting very annoying as I can’t depend on it for any important calls.

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