HP TouchPad hack μWave works with microwave: video

Yes well what better way to spend your time when nuking your food than watching YouTube videos on your HP TouchPad that apparently matched the time it takes to microwave your nosh? Well we have a video for your viewing consideration below that does just that with the HP TouchPad.

The μWave demonstration video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Ubergizmo and by way of YouTube user Tianrun324, and apparently combines an Arduino with an HP TouchPad taped to the door of a microwave.

The hack was accomplished by a group of Pennsylvania University students and basically what it does is search for YouTube videos that match the time it takes to nuke whatever you have in the microwave, such as if it takes a minute to microwave something then the μWave will seek out a YouTube video that lasts a minute and so on.

Thus at least whilst you are waiting for your nuked grub you are entertained, that is of course if you stand over your microwave when it is cooking, personally I don’t, so see this hack as a bit of a no goer and besides who would really want to tape their tablet to the front of a microwave? Besides I’m sure you have better uses for your HP slate.

Anyway, if you head on down and mash that play button you can check out the μWave in action on an HP TouchPad slapped onto the front of a microwave. Now if they could get the webOS slate to nuke the food rather than taping to a microwave that would be something…enjoy.

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