Windows Phone rap, but Google Plus song far better: videos

Ah sooner or later whatever happens in the mobile space gets set to music and slapped up on YouTube, and recently Windows Phone received this honour in the form of four young ladies posting a video of them rapping out their love for the Windows Phone platform, and of course we have that video for your consideration below.

The Windows Phone 7 Fangirls video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Phone Arena and by way of the EDLTV YouTube page and delivers almost two and a half minutes of the four girls rapping about their much loved smartphone.

Have to say here that the so-called Windows Phone rap is not too professional, and personally grates on my nerves with the constant “sleek on the outside, Microsoft inside, Windows, Windows, Windows phone.” Don’t give up the day jobs girls, and my advice is never go in front of music guru Simon Cowell.

One the other hand, we have a video of the Google+ song for your viewing consideration, just to see how much better someone can deliver a song about something that isn’t usually associated with music, which comes our way courtesy of the BreakOriginals YouTube page.

And I have to say, again my personal opinion is the Google+ song beats the Windows Phone 7 song hands down, no contest especially as the Google+ song has the Queen classic “Another One Bites the Dust” as its backing soundtrack…excellent.

Anyway, that’s your music interlude for this Monday, head on down and hit the play buttons to check out the two songs and feel free to let us know which song you prefer, the Windows Phone rap or the Google+ song…enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Windows Phone rap, but Google Plus song far better: videos”

  1. Anonymous says:

    difference being the google + one is COMPILED BY GOOGLE and MS haven’t had any hand in this offering..the girls are a bunch of amateurs having a bit of fun…hell, I suppose someone needs to save google’s image as android is in total tatters! the only mugs buying android are the brain washed design devoid cretins amongst us…lets be honest if mobile quality was measured in terms of motor vehicles then WP7 is most certainly a DB8 Aston Martin, iOS is reminiscent of a porsche boxster (had its day) and crawling home last is Android, that rusty old MG F that rattles and stalls. Android has minimal integration and an over reliance on third party apps with no ongoing support to it’s outdated versions and hardware. Numbers are little more than indicative of just how insipid the product actually is. It’s like the millions of silver cars or white vans clogging the UK’s streets. An evil necessity that unfortunately no-one would, given the chance, honestly care to acknowledge!  

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