iPhone 4S No SIM Card Installed Problems

Many owners of the Apple iPhone 4S are experiencing problems with SIM card messages; the new iPhone has had a handful of issues since release, such as battery life being poor etc.

The poor battery life is associated with iOS 5, some have experienced problems with phone calls, and even Wi-Fi and 3G network issues, and now a few customers are reporting “iPhone 4S No SIM Card Installed” problems.

We have had a few emails about this new problem, so we decided to look into this a little more and visited the Apple’s discussion forum. In some of the emails, iPhone 4S customers said that they were having SIM card issues and by turning off the smartphone and then booting back up normally fixes the problem, but this should not be the case when you spend so much money on a new phone, it should work properly from get go.

The battery life problem is wide spread, this is not the case for the iPhone 4S No SIM card installed, it seems to only be a certain few complaining. So we want to dig even deeper and ask our readers if you are having these problems.

Are you having SIM card issues on your iPhone 4S?


5 thoughts on “iPhone 4S No SIM Card Installed Problems”

  1. Jeff Baker says:

    Just had mine replaced at the AT&T store today and hope that improves things. No Service message would come up and stay there until the phone was either rebooted or the sim card reseated.

  2. Lisa Earnshaw says:

    Just got the iPhone 4s from Vodafone UK and can’t get it to work. It says ‘No Sim installed’ when I put the sim in and can’t get it to connect to iTunes. Have done a bit of research online and it seems there are lots of people with this problem. can’t believe Apple have launched this product with such a problem. Not happy :-((

  3. Smike666 says:

    Same thing with mine. It seems that the sim card they sent with the phone ( arrived via mail due to lack of stock) doesnt work well. Tried it over and over even on diffrent iphones (my mom has the 4) and neither could find the sim card. ( my 4s was able to activate and work with her sim card that she got with her phone at the store, so it wasnt the phone) hopefully they can hook me up with a new one.

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