AT&T hackers shut down, outage not connected

AT&T customers today were notified via an email reporting on a hack attempt. AT&T hackers shut down before anything was breached, and today’s outage was not connected in anyway to the hack.

This breach was an ‘Organized and Systematic’ hack attempt according to Bloomberg, the hack was thwarted before online account information was stolen. In AT&T’s email they mentioned that the perpetrators did not obtain access to customers online accounts and information contained in that account.

The hack used what is called ‘auto script technology’, which can be used to determine if AT&T telephone numbers were linked to online AT&T accounts. North Eastern AT&T customer experienced a wireless data outage today, these two events are not connected in any way, and the service is all up and running again.

Even though this hack was stopped before it got out of hand, do you think that AT&T customers should think about changing their account passwords? This is surely the case of better safe than sorry.

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One thought on “AT&T hackers shut down, outage not connected”

  1. Tjwhite says:

    I never got any emails regarding this from at&t this article is the first time i have heard of it. My service was never interrupted so i am surprised to hear of this.

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