iPhone 4S camera very popular with Flickr users

Personally as long as my smartphone takes good quality pictures I don’t care too much what the camera is like, however it appears that it is important when it comes to using Flickr for some reason, again personally I don’t use Flickr, but lost of the iOS faithful do, and this has made the iPhone 4S camera the 2nd most popular on Flickr.

It appears according to the guys over at Phone Arena and MacRumors, that the iPhone 4S camera being the second most popular on Flickr the big news with the iPhone 4S although still falls below the iPhone 4.

Obviously loads of the iOS faithful use Flickr as the top five smartphone cameras on the site are the iPhone 4 followed by the iPhone 4S then the iPhone 3G with the iPhone 3GS in forth place and the HTC EVO 4G coming in fifth.

I figure the big deal with the iPhone 4S camera gaining that second most popular position on Flickr is the speed in which the device has done so as the iOS smartphone hasn’t really been out that long in comparison with its sibling handsets.

Having said all this of course coming in second place as the most popular camera on Flickr doesn’t really mean the iPhone 4S camera is better than rival device cameras, it simply means that more iOS users use Flickr than others, don’t you agree?

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One thought on “iPhone 4S camera very popular with Flickr users”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the improved camera is a welcome addition at 8.0 megapixels as the 5.0 was a bit of a put off when the 4 was reduced so no wonder the flickr is popular!

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