Pimp A Phone bespoke accessories project from Orange: Update

Anyone can go out and purchase an accessory for their smartphone or for a friend, but that doesn’t make that accessory special especially if it is for a gift. Well now you can have the opportunity to get your friend a bespoke accessory with the Orange Pimp A Phone project.

The Pimp A Phone project involves designing crafty accessories for your friend’s mobile phones and each week Orange is commissioning 3 different artists from Etsy to knock up pimped out case, charger and docks.

For those that wish to take part in the Pimp A Phone project you need to do is hit up the Orange website at http://thefeed.orange.co.uk/2011/11/7/pimp-phone/ and enter the details of the friend you wish to gift, or you can gift via Twitter using the hashtag #pimpaphone.

Looking at the site it appears there are such crafted accessories as handcrafted phone cases by Megan that can have anything from flowers to animals or hearts and in different colours. A sweater phone case by Sara with buttons or wool stripes, or wooden skins by Jason and Danny that can be embellished with just about any design you want.

The Pimp A Phone website doesn’t actually state which smartphones they can create accessories for so one can only presume they can for anything from the iPhone 4S to a BlackBerry, and from a low end handset to the top of the range Android smartphone the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Nor does the site say if you actually have to hand over any cash for your friend’s bespoke accessory, so we presume that the gift of that custom accessory would be free as there’s no mention of price.

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UPDATE: We had an email today updating this news article, the email say’s

Thanks for covering The Feed on Phonesreview.co.uk – it’s a great article!

Just wanted to clear up a few points you made in the piece:
the phone accessories can generally be made for any phone – but it depends on which artist we’re featuring on the site that week
All the items are free gifts for your friends
Hope that makes sense but let me know if you have any other queries.

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