Android 2.3.6 update for Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

For those of you over in the good old US of A who happen to own the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket with AT&T, the word is you just might like to keep an eye open for an OS update to your Android smartphone as word is AT&T is pushing out an over the air update to Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread.

According to the guys over at Android Central the Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread OTA update is already being pushed out by AT&T and if you haven’t yet receive it you should check manually by hitting Menu>Settings>Software Update> Check for Updates.

According to the guys when they checked their review unit they found the update ready and waiting. The Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread update for your Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket apparently addresses a bug in Google Voice search.

No doubt both AT&T and Samsung have included more in the update, but thus far nothing has been found so the guys have contacted Sammy and AT&T for any info on the matter.

So there you go, if you do own a Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and have grabbed the Android OS update feel free to let us know if you come across anything new or if you have experienced any problems by posting to our comments area below.

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85 thoughts on “Android 2.3.6 update for Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket”

  1. Howardhabe says:

    I don’t want to lose my root so I did not plan or attempt to install the update. A notification appeared in the top notification bar and my only choices when looking at the message were “update” or “postpone”. Of course I chose “postpone” and then only had the options of 2 hours, 4 hours or 8 hours. The only was to clear the screen was to choose one of the 3 so needless to say I am not pleased with ATT…as usual. 

    1. Kap2006chi says:

      I’m just having issues with phone, it’s stuck in this cycle of turning on and off, it happened with the new upgrade and I decided to turn on Bluetooth. I’m trying to find a way to start again in safe mode to help me turn off the Bluetooth but it won’t let me. Need help.

  2. Leroidabunny says:

    The battery issue can be fixed by using the charger that came with the phone. Do not use another charger, or else the battery will stick at 100% until the device is restarted. You need to use the block that came with the skyrocket, not your old iphone, or other old android charger.

    1. do you by any chance have juice defender installed on your phone? i noticed that after i installed that app, my battery readings were never updating regardless of whether i charged my phone with the stock charger or not. i just removed it and am going to test out my theory

  3. Leroidabunny says:

    I initially had the same issue. Returned the device for a new one, and still had the same issues with the new phone… AT&T seems to be completely oblivious to the problem. I searched around on some android forums, and found that using the stock charger that comes with the device is the only way that people have found to not have this issue. Samsung may fix this glitch in the future, but for now when you plug in your device overnight, use the charger that was in the box, and all of your issues will go away.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have only ever used the charger that came with the phone.  I can be at work and my phone is in my pocket and barely used and it will be at 20% within 4-5 hours.  That doesn’t seem normal.  I dont have a lot of apps installed and/or running, just normal use.

  5. Leroidabunny says:

    … Oh, wrong issue! I thought that you were referring to the issue where the battery gets stuck at 100%, and the only way to get an accurate battery reading is to restart the phone. Have you tried another launcher, like launcher pro? It seems to be a little less battery intensive than the stock launcher.

    Also, turn off auto updates for your accounts, wifi, gps, and bluetooth. Your phone will last forever. If you do not want to turn off auto updates, maybe you can let it update less often. Another thing is, weather widgets and live wallpapers are battery hogs.

    I unplugged my phone at 4:45 this morning, and as of 3:10PM i have 65% remaining.If you have already tried this, then I’m sorry but I can’t really help. 

  6. Leroidabunny says:

    I currently use Go Launcher, which uses a little more battery than Launcher Pro did, but Go launcher is really nice! I use their SMS, Dialer, and most of their widgets. All of which look and perform a lot better than the stock ones.

  7. Tl_bellevue says:

    The update locked my Skyrocket into a continual 30 second reboot loop of death.  Safe mode didn’t work, nor did pulling the battery and SIM card.  I went to the AT&T store, mostly to complain, because I knew they would just say, “Do a factory reset.”  There was another guy right in front of me with same problem. 

    The AT&T guy did a factory reset which, of course, wiped all my customizations and calendars and notes.  Not, thank goodness, my pictures.

    NOT happy.

  8. Mahendar Kumbhat says:

    How can i update my S@421c7c0feebf873edeef43753beac6b0:disqus  with the new version of 2.3.6 as it is currently unavailable for india. 


  9. Cantera96 says:

    im on wifi with full battery and connected to charger and i live in the US but it says im up to date when i only have the 2.3.5 Version. Whats wrong?

  10. AndroidLover says:

    Just updated.  SGS2 on Sprint.  It seems to have possibly fixed my weak wifi signal issues.  I am now seeing full signal.  Before I could be sitting right next to a WAP and be missing a bar.

  11. Kanefire says:

    SGS2 for Sprint…
    Update seems to extend battery life as well as free up memory. It also seems a bit buggy. Some are core to the device such as display time-out settings keep resetting to 15 seconds which is really annoying. Others have to do with 3rd party apps such as SwiftKey X cursor not aligning with blue edit options tab. I have also experienced forced app shutdown since the update that was not happening before.

    1. Sams2609 says:

      Hey guys, I have some problem while checking for any updates.  Which i click on check for updates option, it’s showing Connection Failed

  12. TSupport says:

    Samsung Galaxy S2 for Sprint update from 2.3.4 to 2.3.6 clears all options for data encryption in the phone’s settings menu.  The phone cannot perform data encryption on the SD card either after the update.  No way to get it back until a new update is issued so be aware if you need hardware encryption on your phone.

  13. cannonbrau says:

    Unlike others below, I downloaded 2.3.6 and started experiencing low battery life.  Wasn’t sure if it was something else so I downloaded 2.3.6 to my wife’s phone and she’s having the same problem.  This occurs even when there is no activity and all apps are off.

  14. Dcglenn2 says:

    My battery life is dramatically changed for the worse since the update.  It drains twice a day.  Even with WiFi and GPS turned off.  This was not a problem before the update.  Not goo, not happy. 

  15. Anonymous says:

    I thought I was going to miss the bouncy scrolling effect but I like the blue scroll glow even better. The only thing I do not like about this update, is the removal of locked vertical/horizontal scrolling in the browser. My finger moves around to much, since I smoke rocks for a living. (Oh Joe Rogan you crazy!) 

  16. I got the samsung galaxy s 2 on upgrade from my htc hero well i let
    someone talk me out of the htc sensation knew i had done wrong thing to
    say nthe galaxy is pants is an under statement my old hero knocks in to a
    tin hat the only thing better is its quicker on computer side of things
    oh and picks up a signal a little better i have to have the dam thing
    on charge ever few hours even running with every thing off. The things i
    liked about the htc the samsung has nothing like the weather app on htc
    great samsung **** the phone log samsung has every call and text in it
    so you have about 50 entrys for only a few calls and texts now got to
    save up and get the htc sensation or the next great phone from htc sorry
    samsung your phone is total s**t

    1. James ketchum says:

      My phone wont shut off and show the charging animation anymore. As soon as I shut it off it restarts again especially when plugged in. Talked to Att at store and they said it’s not supposed to shut off…the little liar!!!

  17. Deepak says:

    Hi, I have the same galaxy s2, i got the update from AT & T. I updated the OS to 2.3.6 Ginger bread. After updating I dont see any changes rather my battery is completely draining out. It hardly comes for 10 hrs stretch thats it. If you keep the phone in the for 80% by morning it would have reduced to %50. This is hell out of a problem from this update before the battery life was pretty good, now it really sucks. I want to know how to get rid of this problem.

  18. Harik_22 says:

    my skype status fluctutates from online to offline and viceversa every 10 seconds,,which makes voice and video calls impossible. I have samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket with android 2.3.6 ,,, i have this problem for about a week ,,but earlier it was fine.can anyone give me a solution ???

  19. as3 says:

    My galaxy s2 skyrocket says my software is up to date when it says I have 2.3.5. I bought this phoneabout a week ago. Can someone help me to find out why I can’t get this update.

  20. Galaxy says:

    2.3.6 is slower than 2.3.5 … I can see the basic call logs and messaging taking longer time to open. I compared my phone having 2.3.6 with my friends 2.3.5 (both use Galaxy Y). He has more applications installed on his cellphone, yet its faster.
    Also, there are sudden call drops experienced even while sitting at a place.

  21. Kparikh82276 says:

    I did the manual update. It went through the update process but it says it can’t go through with the update process. So now when I go to there menu option of update I get two choices, “continue update and look for update” now I don’t know what’s up, what should info say once you update?

  22. Garcia8819 says:

    The new update has some nice new features, I uploaded nine and it took a Lil two minutes but It didn’t delete nothing, which us Good! I’m still curious what else did this update do to my phone that I might not know, but I Love This Sky Rocket! Killing the I phone!

  23. Daniel Rubio Munoz says:

    Done the upgrade and the phone is stuck saying update in progress forwever. Spent nearly 2h on phone with att no solution. Tryied all including hard reset. Samsung said 14-17 days for reflash! Finally att service location is going to send a replacement in about 6 days. ATT TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!!!!!!

  24. Bane says:

    One of my two Skyrocket phones automatically tried to perform update and failed without ability to reboot. Call AT&T and they are sending a new phone as under warranty replacement. Paid $15 to get it in 1-2 business days. This update should be tested before beeing published. AT&T should not charge their customers, as they need their cell phones every day.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Tried to update Samsung Galaxy 2s Skyrocket today. Phone totally locked up. Talk to AT&T and then Samsung. Hard reboot cold reboot removed battery. It always goes back to a white screen that say down loading update and nothing happens. Mailing back to Samsung. Beware!!!!!

  26. Harley1946 says:

    My skyrocket locked up and had to be returned to AT&T for replacement after I tried to download the update on 2/22/12. Do not try and download any updates till AT&T solves the problem

  27. Cburchell58 says:

    Just got Skyrocket the other day. The guy from Best Buy said his skyrocket was running 2.3.6 and mine is running 2.3.5. When I manually try to update it the phone says the software is up to date…But it isn’t…Help?

  28. Leonardngzy says:

    Im using a galaxy s2. Android version 2.3.3..i went to settings and about phone to check for upsatea. unfortunately there wasnt any updates available. i need some help here

  29. Leslie Dinsmore says:

    Date Published: February 20, 2012Manufacturer(s): SamsungModel(s): Galaxy SII Skyrocket (i727)Issue Type: Software Update
    Issue Summary
    Customers may have received notifications on their handsets that an update for the Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket (i727) was available; however, effective February 22, 2012, the update is no longer available. 
    Critical Must Know/Must Do
    The update was available for a 24-hour period before it was removed from availability. Three different scenarios have been reported:
    Current Device StateAction RequiredThe update was successful. None. See the list of improvements.Constantly pending update. 
    The device displays, Update is failed. The device shows it is attempting to obtain the update.Red/blue arrows display in the notification bar.These devices continue to function normally. No action necessary. The device is inoperable as a result of the update.Follow standard warranty procedures.  The update was available via Wi-Fi or over the cellular network. It was zero rated in both instances. Backing up of data was not required to accept this update, as no data on the device should be have been lost.
    To verify the device software version go to:
    Home > Menu > Settings > About Phone and verify the current baseband (software) version.If the build version is GINGERBREAD.UCLA3, then the device is up to date.If the device shows any other build number, then installation did not occur.
    List of Improvements
    Improved performance from several Qualcomm patches and other refinements.User interface updates such as the new screen unlock swipe.The ability to reply all to MMS messages.Exchange ActiveSync wipe to remove all content from the device and microSD card.Improved battery indicator icon accuracy.

  30. Hurricanegms says:

    I have 2.3.6 on my Skyrockett bought last month.  My sister has 2.3.6 on her S2 bought 6 months ago or, but her son just got his Skyrocket and it came with 2.3.5 and it won’t update (says it is up to date).  How we noticed the difference is that on 2.3.5 you can landscape your wallpaper FULL SIZE and it will scroll nicely while set.  On 2.3.6 you do not have this option and you have to slice your wallpaper and it is static.  Sux.  Other than that, see no difference between 2.3.5 and 2.3.6 in terms of speed, signal, etc.

  31. Jake_slipknot2000 says:

    A great deal in battery performance… not to mention, this may sound weird, but idk if it was possiblefor them to improve drivers/firmware. I have noticed a better reception, at home and at work… I’m getting full bars, as opposed to 3 or 4… noticed this in the 4g LTE areas for sure.

  32. Sashapoo97 says:

    I updated my galaxy s2 skyrocket as well and now on the lock screen, there’s this big circle that comes up with a lock on it that disappears but how can I get rid of that?  I liked the way it was originally…

    1. I would like to know this as well! I got the new update a few weeks ago and I really liked the panning backgrounds and the tabs, rather than the giant red circle and stuff…

  33. I Updated My Galaxy s2 Skyrocket And Now Some Of My Original Live Wallpapers Have Disappeared I Just Want To Know How To Get Them Back Can Anyone Help? And I Want To Know How To Get Back The Scrolling Wallpaper If You Can?

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