Android Ice Cream makes love with Motorola Triumph

It appears that every Android device out there in the mobile space is just begging for the Google guys’ latest and greatest Android operating system Android Ice Cream Sandwich, we have already see several devices gain some Android ice cream love by way of a ROM and now it appears the Motorola Triumph is the latest.

According to the guys over at Phandroid, and extremely early build of an Android Ice Cream sandwich ROM has been made for the Motorola Triumph from AndroidForums member isaacj87 however apparently although he has made progress the ROM isn’t ready for public playtime.

The guys say they really can’t say whether the Motorola Triumph will receive an official update to Android 4.0, but if not at leats you now know the developers are hard at work creating an unofficial Ice Cream sandwich ROM for the Motorola Triumph.

The current status of the Triumph ICS ROM is that he has managed to boot up the Ice Cream Sandwich SDK but other than that nothing else is working, but as I am sure you know, these developers are quite ingenious at getting thing to work given time.

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5 thoughts on “Android Ice Cream makes love with Motorola Triumph”

  1. success! i have this phone, and it desperately needs a software update, ice cream sandwich sounds nice, but i’ll gladly take gingerbread. hell, i’ll even take a working froyo update 😉 virgin mobile, get your act together!

      1. SyndicateSpam says:

        I love my MT, best prepaid phone out there ATM.
        From the moment I seen ICS I knew I would love to see it on the MT
        But I would have to see if there is a performance increase.
        for now, I will continue to use Go Launcher EX.

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