Smartphone confiscation a UK teenager’s nightmare

The smartphone has become part of the everyday lives of many from youngsters to teenagers to older users, and most depend on their smartphone throughout the day in one way or another and apparently over here in the UK over 90 percent of teenagers own a mobile phone and apparently if they get out of hand the best threat of punishment is confiscation of their phone.

According to an article over on The Next Web by way of The Telegraph, a recent study by T-Mobile that took in over 4000 teenagers and parents came up with a sixth of 11 to 18 year old teens stated that confiscation of their mobile phone by their parents would be the most frustrating punishment for them.

When it comes to teenagers with a smartphone that percentage jumps up to 80 percent of teens would be mortified if their parent confiscated their beloved smartphone.

However parents may not get the upper hand by confiscating their teens phone, as apparently 1 in 10 teens have admitted to purchasing another handset without their parent’s knowledge so they could get around and mobile ban.

Apparently 15 percent of the teenager’s polled also confirmed that they had had their mobile confiscated almost once a month during the late year with overspending being the main issue. 74 percent of those polled admitted their handset was their most prised possession.

So there you have it if you want to make your kid’s worst nightmare a reality simply threaten to confiscate their smartphone and no doubt they will fall into line rather quickly.

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