Windows Phones free from Microsoft stores tomorrow

As you probably are aware over in the good old US of A the holiday shopping season kicks of this Friday, where customers scour for that money saving deal and hopefully pick up a bargain, and if you are in the marker for a windows Phone, Microsoft store will be offering smartphones at no charge.

According to an article over on Pocket Now by way of WPCentral, as of Friday Microsoft have some great Windows Phone deals on offer if you hit up your local Microsoft store and that deal is a handset for free, and there’s nothing better than free right?

Of course there is a catch to getting your Windows Phone of $0 and that is you will be required to sing your life away for the usual two-year contract agreement, but then you’d have had to do that anyway even if you were paying for the handset, so not a bad deal.

The guys don’t actually say which Windows Phone handset are on offer for zero buck by presume you should at least be able to snap up the HTC Titan or the Samsung Focus S.

Furthermore if you don’t have a local bricks and mortar Microsoft store nearby, word is this $0 offer could well apply to online orders as well so it might just pay to keep you eyes open here come Friday.

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2 thoughts on “Windows Phones free from Microsoft stores tomorrow”

  1. Well, I’m all for communicating the value of competition and specifically Windows phones, since I’m a phone app developer.  However, the author should at least communicate it in a way that shows understanding of how to construct a sentence, how to spell, reveals a grasp of basic grammar, and above all indicates that someone competent has proof-read the article before it’s published.  This article is very sloppy at best.  The author should look for another line of work, and if there is an editor they should be standing in the same employment line.

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