Nokia Lumia 800 battery issue updates confirmed

It seems that with all now smartphone there is always a few teething problem and most seem to have to do with the smartphone battery life, we’d all love a week’s worth of life from our smartphone battery but that simply isn’t the case until such times as better batteries come along. Like the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus and its problems Nokia is experiencing issues with their Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 800, issues to do with the battery.

Apparently the Nokia Support Forums are loaded with complaints about battery problems with the Lumia 800, however according to an article by The Verge, Nokia is well aware of the problem and has confirmed two software updates will be rolled out to resolve the issues.

According to Nokia they will deliver the first software update to the Nokia Lumia 800 in December that will include improvements to power efficiency and follow up with a second update for the Windows Phone in January to deliver further battery life and charging enhancements.

The guys say they haven’t had any such issues with their Nokia Lumia 800 so the problems may not be universal. Thus far Nokia hasn’t made any reference as to why the battery life problem is there, but at least they are working on resolving the issues.

So there you have it, if your Nokia Lumia 800 is experiencing battery problems you now no you can expect a fix sometime next month along with a second software update sometime in January 2012.

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