Secret Santa 2011, free and pro android apps

It is that time of year for the good old Secret Santa 2011, and there are many apps that you can choose that can help you this year. So we will bring your attention to Shh! Secret Santa PRO 2011 for Android devices.

Shh! Secret Santa PRO 2011 (via Android Market) is only 96p via the Android Market, you can opt for the free version but you do not get as much, download free version of this application here. Right, back to the PRO version, the main benefits you will get with this one over the free version includes exclusions for each participant, users will be able to configure any number of people that should be excluded from the draw pool, such as the person you got last year, or your partner etc.

You can add non-contact names, you can add names where you do not have to add a mobile phone number or email, names will be included in the draw, and view all results on your Android phone.

This app also allows users to set a gift price range (minimum and maximum price), other features include: Customize the invitation message, Create as many groups as you want (the free version only allows 2 groups), the Pro version does not have any ADS, organize your Secret Santa or any gift swap right from your Android phone with Shh! Secret Santa, Exclude certain people, and much more.


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  1. app looks cool, i would also recommend MYBANTU for festive shopping becoz for this Christmas the coupon feature of this app is enhanced and more and more people are downloading this app and getting lot of coupons check out this app…

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