O2 announce price plans for new iPhone 4S users

For those looking for a good deal on an Apple iPhone 4S, network provider O2 are now offering new deals for first time subscribers. Previously best offers were only passed out to existing O2 customers but things are now set to change.

According to online-news-today.com, while there is a range of cheaper deals available, new customers will be able to sign up with line rental deals starting from £21.50 per month with a £299.99 initial outlay for the phone. To get the handset for free, a £47 per month tariff will need to be signed up to.

Part of O2’s package includes 1200 minutes, 500MB of data and unlimited text. While the free iPhone 4S sounds the more attractive offer, on paper the lower monthly billing along with the upfront cost actually works out the better deal.

Before O2 offered these packages, the 4S was only available to existing customers when it was time to upgrade. At the moment, the lower tariff is only available on the 16GB model, but we are still awaiting confirmation on similar pricing deals for the White iPhone 4S. On the run up to Christmas there could always be the possibility for the larger capacity handsets to be offered on cut-price deals, watch this space!

Are you looking for an iPhone 4S deal? Could you be attracted to the O2 offer?


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