Best protective iPhone 4S cases

Apple’s latest version of the iPhone has given us another step forward in technology. Although the 4S looks very similar in design to the previous 4, there are slight differences meaning that some of the iPhone 4 cases wont fit the new model.

Do not despair though as the accessory market has more than one option that will protect the 4 and 4S in universal fit forms. Over at Cnet they reviewed 20 designs and we thought we would pick a couple of our favorites to show you. It must be noted that these are all toughened coverings, designed to protect your fragile device against the day-to-day knocks.

First up is the $24.95 Cygnett WorkMate Pro, which when listening to the name already sounds like it could withstand a drop or two. Double strength rubberized casing gives side and back protection, while a stick-on screen protector prevents scratches.

Next up we see the Survivor case from Griffin, which at $49.99 sounds quite a jump up from the WorkMate. But for the extra money you get U.S and U.K military standards of safety, along with a toughened screen protector and sealed ports.

With the iPhone market so big right now, the need for better protection from the elements is a must have. After all not every iPhone 4 and 4S user sits behind a comfortable desk everyday, free from the dangers of the outside world. It is worth noting that the majority of these cases wont work with a docking station due to their extra padding.

Tell us what you look for to protect your device?


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