Study shows iPhone users stay with Apple brand

With nearly the entire population of the world owning a mobile phone, it has become increasingly difficult for manufacturers to grasp the attention of would-be customers. For some Android is the final word in mobile devices, but with the Operating System comes a huge array of different products to choose from.

On the other hand, Apple followers are given a very limited range with just model updates to keep them entertained. According to pocketlint, a study showed that the die-hard Apple iPhone owners are seemingly happy to continue to follow their favourite Cali brand.

The study comes from GfK in which some 4,500 people in countries such as the UK, Germany, Italy, China, US and Japan were asked what their shopping habits were in relation to mobile phone purchases.

Whilst a massive 84% of iPhone owners are happy to stick with the brand, 60% of Android users said that they would use a mobile phone with the OS in the future, whilst a lower 48% of BlackBerry consumers said they would be more than happy to stay with this branding.

Where do you stand with this? Are you an avid Apple fan and have no reason to change, or perhaps you are a supporter of Android or BlackBerry?

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